Where Emergency Lighting & Exit Lights should be installed?

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September 1, 2022
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Where Emergency Lighting & Exit Lights should be installed?

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Where Emergency Lighting & Exit Lights should be installed? Emergency Lights, International Suppliers of Emergency Light, Fire Protection Company, Emergency Lights suppliers, Emergency Lights suppliers in Doha, Fire Protection Company People can find the way to the exit during a fire breakout easily when we install emergency lighting & exit lights in all corridors, staircases as well as hallways.
Where Emergency Lighting & Exit Lights should be installed?

Commercial buildings, office workspaces, industrial buildings, factories- all of these places have one thing in common, they always have high foot traffic as all of them are professional work zones, and these areas are prone to emergencies. It can be a power outage or something more severe, and that’s one of the reasons why emergency lighting should be installed in specific zones so all residents of the building can evacuate without facing any challenges. Emergency lighting and exit lights can give a clear way to exit in case of an emergency and one major advantage of using these lighting installations is that they work on generators, so power outage will not be an issue.

Never ignore setting up emergency lighting

It’s important to understand the necessity of emergency lighting in commercial spaces. If you are running a business, then you should consider keeping a part of your annual budget on security equipment and emergency lighting. The latter should be on the top part of your list in case of a fire outbreak or an earthquake your priority should be evacuating all your employees safely. When installed at appropriate places, emergency lighting and exit lights help you and your staff safely exit the building. As they are not dependent on the power supply of the building, these installations will work perfectly even when there is a power shortage.

Some areas where emergency lighting and exit lights should be installed
  • Emergency lighting installations should be present in all hallways, corridors and staircases so all the people who are inside can find the exit with ease.

  • The lighting systems should be present in all commercial buildings including medical facilities, educational institutions, libraries etc.

  • In all small spaced rooms with no windows for example storage rooms, elevator shafts and bathrooms. Anyone can accidentally get stuck in these areas.

  • There should be appropriate lighting to mark the changes in direction or near turns in hallways.

  • Near high-voltage devices such as a generator minimize the risk of accidents.

  • Exit lights should be in every hallway that leads to the main exit of a building. As they are also made of reflective material, they will be illuminated from a distance.

  • It should also be placed near ways which lead to a no-exit area to avoid confusion during the commotion created by any emergency.

  • Doors with sensor-release electrical locking systems

On installing emergency and exit lighting systems, it’s better that you have a battery fixed inside them (even though these systems run on generators). The batteries should be long-lasting.

Emergency lighting on escalators

In buildings where there are escalators for exiting any building or workplace, it is very important to install emergency lighting systems. Not everyone will understand that an escalator can lead to a hallway exiting the building. Also, small exit signs might not be visible during an emergency. So, when emergency lights are installed, you and your staff will not have any problem finding the exit easily. You will be able to save a lot of people in case of an emergency.

Hire a fire protection company for ease of installation

A fire protection company can help you pick the best emergency exit lights for your commercial building. They will also be the best judge of where to install them in your commercial building. Alongside, a contractor will know how to make your fire-protection system comply with fire codes and standards. They can help you create shorter escape paths to exit the building in the event of an emergency. If you are looking for local or international suppliers of emergency lighting systems in Qatar, then consider getting in touch with Cease Fire Solutions, they are experts in this line of trade. Schedule an appointment and discuss your lighting requirements with them and for more interesting topics like this, keep an eye on this space.