Air Release Valve


Air release valves are usually installed in a dry riser system; they also can be used in wet riser systems. They are created to vent air that arrives and is collected at high points in a pipeline. It continuously eradicates air from the system, releasing lesser quantities of air before more oversized air pockets can occur. The automatic air release valve uses a hard rubber ball located in the upper valve chamber. Cease Fire Solutions has a wealth of experience installing air release valves for clients in and around the Doha region. To find out more information, contact our team today.


How does an air release valve work?

Air release valves are arguably the most widely used type of air valve. Air release valves are automatically used to vent the air that gets trapped in the pipeline, which is conveying fluid. They are usually placed at strategic high points along the pipeline, which is where trapped air usually accumulates. Abruptly removing trapped air from the pipeline is crucial because it significantly decreases the life and efficiency of the pump. The opening in the outlet of the air valve must be adequately sized to release the correct amount of air that is built up. Should an air release valve fail or requires maintenance, an isolation valve should be installed along with the air release valve. By installing this, there is no need to shut the pipeline down. Air release valves automatically vent small pockets of air that have been accumulated in fire protection systems.

Helps in safeguarding fire protection systems

Air release valves help in safeguarding fire protection systems by removing the excess air before a vacuum condition can occur. Air release valves not only help maintain the design capacity if air enters the pipeline abruptly, but they also play a vital role in pumping start-up safely and stopping operations quickly. They come in a wide range of configurations and materials to meet the necessary fire protection and safety regulations. For further enquiries, please give our friendly team at Cease Fire Solutions a call today. Air release valves are specifically made for:

  • Steel factories

  • Chemical industries

  • Fire protection systems

  • Shipping industries

  • Manufacturing industries

  • Petrochemical industries

Air release valves made of durable galvanized materials

Here at Cease Fire Solutions, we supply air release valves made of top-quality galvanized materials. Similar to a hydro-mechanical device, it automatically admits and releases air. We supply valves with different specifications at prices that are reasonable. The air release valves supply:

  • Release air efficiently

  • Are tamper-proof covered

  • They are made of stainless steel parts

  • Robustly constructed

  • Have efficient inlet mechanisms

  • Made of high-quality galvanized materials

Why are air release valves critical?

Air that gets trapped naturally rises and collects at high points in the system. This leads to pump failures, instruments reading incorrectly, corrosion, flow issues, as well as pressure surges. Additionally, unnecessary air that enters also makes the pump work harder, resulting in additional energy consumption. Below-mentioned is three reasons why air enters the pipeline:

  • From the pipeline itself: Before the pump starts up, it is not technically empty; it is filled up with air. The air must be evacuated until the pipeline is filled with fluid.

  • Pumped up fluid: Did you know that water consists of 2% of air? Several fluids like adhesives, or other thick fluids can trap air in the pockets. Air release valves help move the fluids through the system smoothly.

  • Mechanical equipment: Air can be drawn into the system through various equipment like pumps, valves, and pipe joints.

What are the best applications for air release valves?

Sewer force and water pipelines are the main application areas for installing air release valves. If it is installed correctly, you will notice them at the system's high points. Sometimes, they might be combined with an air vacuum valve. Air release valves are ideal for any type of pressurized piping that can trap unwanted air. Once an air release is installed, it can operate automatically.

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