Lobby Pressurization


Controlling smoke in the lobby of high-rise commercial and residential buildings can be done through lobby pressurization systems. Pressurization is a method of shutting out smoke from entering a designated space like an escape path which can either be a stairwell, corridor, or even a lobby, by introducing fresh air from outside to create pressure within the space. Pressure gradients in the systems will make sure that the smoke will always be from a region of high pressure to the area of low pressure., taking it away from the pressurized spaces. Our team of fire protection experts will use a pressurization calculator to identify the total airflow required that is needed to pressurize a lift lobby. We will also install lobby pressurization systems that are currently used in the industry with all the latest bells and whistles. Additionally, our team will also conduct a thorough survey and determine the escape routes using pressurization. This helps us stay organized and identify the required airflow. For further information on the lobby pressurization system or to speak to our team to address your queries, get in touch today.


Reliable lobby pressurization systems that meet all the necessary fire regulations

With most commercial and residential complexes being high-risers, the regulations and requirements for fire safety have become more stringent. A significant requirement in fire safety regulations is to make sure the safe evacuation of occupants and reduce property damage. The primary threat is toxic smoke, which is highly dangerous, as it is made up of lethal chemical particles and hazardous gases. Most deaths that occur in a fire breakout are due to the occupants inhaling smoke and toxic fumes produced by the fire and directly by the fire itself. Even though most buildings today are equipped with sprinkler systems, it does not ultimately ensure the safety of occupants from the smoke in the event of a fire. As much as sprinkler systems play a valuable part in reducing the fire, they will not extinguish the fire. Therefore, it is necessary to install lobby pressurization systems to safely help occupants find a way out of the building. For more details on lobby pressurization systems, give us a call.

Different types of lobby pressurization systems

Cease Fire Solution supplies and installs a wide range of lobby pressurization systems to help create smoke-free zones in high-rise buildings assisting the individuals to escape from buildings, including firefighting services to enter the building and extinguish the fire to prevent further damage. Air naturally travels from an area of higher pressure to a place of lower pressure. Increasing the air pressure in escape routes is more likely to prevent the smoke from spreading in these areas. The main functionality of lobby pressurization systems is to create a pressure gradient from the protected space, i.e. escape routes to the unprotected space while the doors are shut. If the doors are open, an appropriate air velocity must be established to prevent the smoke from spreading into the protected area. Lobby pressurization systems vary based on the type of building.

The three main objectives of lobby pressurization buildings are to:

  • Protect the designated escape routes.

  • protect the building from further interior and exterior damage.

  • Gives access to firefighting services to access the building and put out the fire quickly.

Protect the designated escape routes

This is the most significant objective. Safety for one’s life must be maintained in the designated escape routes or so-called protected areas as long as the occupants are likely to use them.

Gives access to firefighting services to access the building quickly and put out the fire

Based on the building specifications, another important objective is to safeguard the firefighter’s access routes and always keep them free from smoke. A pressure differential system must be created to prevent the spread of smoke in assigned firefighting routes.

Protect the building from further interior and exterior damage

Lobby pressurization systems can also prevent the spread of smoke from entering areas that could damage the interiors and exteriors of the building.

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