Flame and Gas Detection System


Our wide range of flame and gas detection systems are built to thrive and do splendidly well under harsh conditions, ensuring your day-to-day operations are not hindered and keep the occupants safe and secure. It does not matter how challenging the conditions of the property’s surroundings are; you need to put the safety of your occupants and facility first. At Cease Fire Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a complete line of flame and gas detection systems to match their specific requirements. To find out more information or schedule an initial consultation, we can help.


Always on the lookout for your safety from fire

Accidental gas leaks present a significant threat to the property, the environment and human life. Don’t worry; we at Cease Fire Solutions supply and install a comprehensive range of flame and gas detection systems for all types of industrial facilities, from smaller boiler rooms to huge plants and oil refineries. The wide range of gas and flame detectors we supply and install provide top-class protection at every level making sure it detects, mitigates and protects the occupants. We can help identify the suitable gas and flame detection system so that you can benefit from quality, functionality, and, most importantly, ease of use. Cease Fire Solutions makes even a workplace with a hostile environment a safer space with our range of fire protection systems and products.

Enhance safety and efficiency with flame and gas detection systems

Flame, oil and gas detection systems provide complete safety solutions in toxic, combustible environments and areas that have very less oxygen. Additionally, they also increase the safety of the plant. These detection systems consist of components and circuits that are designed to monitor and notify the presence of flame or gas by initiating an appropriate response to those signals.

Gas Detectors

There are two types of gas detection systems:

  • Flammable gas detectors - This system detects the volume of flammable gas in the air in terms of a percentage.

  • Toxic gas detectors - This system detects the concentration of toxic gas.

Flammable Gas Detectors

There are three types of flammable gas detectors:

  • Catalytic Flammable Gas Detectors - These flammable gas detectors determine gas concentration through oxidization resulting in heat. A bridge circuit can sense this.

  • Infrared Flammable Gas Detectors - Infrared gas detectors utilize the property of hydrocarbons and other gases to absorb the infrared energy at different wavelengths, but not others.

  • Open Path Flammable Gas Detectors - Open path gas detectors utilize the gases’ properties to absorb infrared wavelengths like an infrared flammable gas detector.

Reducing hazard vulnerability

Flame and gas detection systems define the next generation in highly intelligent fire safety monitoring and protection solutions that are created to lower hazard vulnerability and meet the necessary fire and safety regulations. These flame and gas detection systems are innovative, highly scalable, and offer a wide range of benefits and features. The flame and gas detection systems we supply and install at Cease Fire Solutions are guaranteed to detect fire or gas early in the event it happens by alerting the necessary personnel and initiating the required protocols automatically or manually. Flame and gas detection systems consist of field-mounted detection equipment, manual alarm stations, and a system logic unit to process any incoming signals, including an alarm. To find out more information, please speak to our team today. We will be more than happy to address any questions that you may have.

What are the most common actions of flame and gas detection systems:

  • Alert all the occupants on the premises

  • Open the firefighting systems

  • Emergency ventilation control

  • Isolate local electrical equipment

  • Start ESD and PSD actions

  • Separate all the electrical equipment

  • Shut watertight doors and fire doors

  • Cease flow of small hydrocarbon sources like diesel distribution.

Flame and gas detection systems are usually applied to:

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • High Risk hazardous areas

  • Confined Spaces

  • Energy Industries

  • Industrial Gas plants

  • Steel industries

  • Water & Waste industry.

  • Computer rooms

  • Telecommunications

  • UPS

  • Laboratories

  • Archive rooms

To schedule an initial consultation or to find out more details on the flame and gas detection we supply, you can reach out to our team at 974 40389783 today. Our team will be more than happy to address any queries you have.