Landing Valves


If you ever take the staircase in a building, you might come across red steering shared equipment attached to a water or hydrant post. These are what you know as landing valves and are an important part of making a property ready for dousing out any fire outbreak without much hassle. A branch and a hose are coupled to these for the firefighter’s use and they are generally installed on wet risers on buildings. If you’re planning to install these entrapments on your property, get in touch with our team at Cease Fire Solutions, we deliver across Doha as well as throughout Qatar.


How does it work?

That’s a good question. Typically what happens is, the valves are fitted on a hydrant post, that is always charged with a pressurised supply of water. They are installed on risers of a building where staircase landings are generally located, so they can be easily accessible for firefighters in case they need to come in. These are considered to be a core part of the hose system that works as a manual stop valve which gives the firefighter complete control of their fire fighting system. The water flux can be started by turning the handle of the valve counterclockwise.

The types that we supply

You can contact Cease Fire Solutions for both pressure-reducing and pressure-restricting type landing valves- according to your requirements.

Pressure-reducing valve- These are also known as water-pressure regulators and they are very compact and also inexpensive.

  • They automatically reduce the high incoming flow of water from the mains to provide a lower functional pressure that the firefighters can work with douse out flames

  • The pressure is regulated in such a way that the hydrant system is safe to operate and there is no damage for the same

Pressure-restricting valve

These valves are designed to reduce excess line pressure and are capable of being used as a stand-alone water pressure restricting device.

  • The valves are similar to standard landing valves but with a modified mechanism added in the stem and bonnet to limit how the valve can be opened.

  • It should be clarified that the valve doesn’t have any effect on the static pressure of the system but with the help of controlling the opening valve, it restricts the volume of water and thereby lowers the pressure of water.

We supply both 1" diameter and 2.5" diameter variants of the valves and you can place an order by just giving us a call. If you’ve any queries, feel free to speak with our team members, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Why can’t we just install a hydrant valve?

Well, hydrant valves can’t be installed inside a building. Although they are highly efficient in fighting large fires, a pumping facility is always needed for a steady supply of water to the fire-fighting equipment. The pressure has to be around 100 psi to effectively extinguish a large outbreak (however, it may vary depending on the building size). With landing valves, you don’t have to face this problem as the normal pressure is always around 65 psi and you can adjust the pressure easily. For further details on Landing valves, contact Cease Fire Solutions.

Other than landing valves You can also contact us for:

  • Butterfly valves

  • Os&Y Gate valves

  • Check valves

  • Test and drain valves

  • Fire detection systems and much more.

Our prices are highly competitive and you can expect a hassle-free delivery service anywhere in Qatar. Discuss your landing valve requirements with us today!

To find out more about landing valves or to place an order, contact Cease Fire Solutions.