Test & Drain Valves


At Cease Fire Solutions, we supply a wide range of test and drain valves, air release valves, drain valves and pressure switches to meet the specific needs of your wet pipe sprinkler system. Our team also has the expertise and experience to install and maintain them, if required. For further details, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.


What is a test and drain valve?

A test and a drain valve is a type of valve with both a drain function and a test function. This valve is ideal for fire protection systems in commercial and residential places. In recent years, they have been vital to the protection industry, as the installation is straightforward. There is no need for extra components. Additionally, the cost is low, as mentioned earlier, requires few parts, is easy to install, and it has multiple uses. With test and drain valves having an all-in-one design, they come with the below-mentioned features:

  • Sight glass is tamper-resistant

  • A tapped and plugged port for easy system access

Uses and benefits of a test and drain valve:

A test and drain valve serves similar applications to the installation and maintenance of wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. Test and drain valves are usually placed at the end of the fire protection system, which comes in handy, as they identify clogs in the system. However, you will usually find the test and drain valves as part of the riser assembly. A test and drain valve in a sprinkler or standpipe system helps facilitate flow testing. The orifice of a test and drain valve is capable of discharging a 5.6k sprinkler head. Additionally, a test and drain valve can provide system security and a controlled testing environment. When used in a commercial or residential riser room, the test function cannot be accessed by the public, thus eliminating the risk of the alarm being set off, or being tampered with. The riser room can be controlled, and regulated as well, which is a significant benefit.

Top-quality air release valves

The function of an air release valve is to release air pockets that collect and settle at each high point of a full pressured pipeline. It can open against internal pressure as the internal lever mechanism multiplies the force to be much greater than the internal pressure. Whenever air pockets are collected in the valve, the greater force opens the orifice. One of the most significant reasons an air release valve is essential is because they ensure pipeline efficiency and water hammer protection. Cease Fire Solutions is a recognized supplier of:

  • Air release valves of fire protection systems

  • Test and drain valves

  • Pressure switches

  • And much more

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Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is a device that operates when it comes into contact electrically or when a pre-set fluid is reached. The switch either makes electrical contact or when there is a rise or fall in pressure from a certain pre-set pressure level. Pressure switches are used in a varied range of industrial and residential fire protection systems. We must not confuse a pressure switch with a pressure transducer. A pressure transducer is a device that converts pressure into an electrical output signal. Below-mentioned is the various types of pressure switches we supply, install and maintain:

Mechanical pressure switch

A mechanical pressure switch either uses a piston or a spring and a diaphragm to control pressure when the micro-switch is triggered. The opposing force to the spring is the inlet pressure, and the pretension of the spring is either adjusted with a knob or a screw. The switch will reset to its original state when the pressure drops.

Electronic pressure switch

This pressure switch uses an electrical pressure sensor to measure the change in inlet pressure. The display is digital, and the switch point can either be set by the manufacturer or can be programmed to meet the requirements. Things like delay time, output signals, and switch points can be adjusted in an electronic pressure switch.

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