Ventilation System/CO Detection System


It is crucial for every type of building to have a ventilation system. Whether it is a house, and ample commercial space such as an office, hotels and hospitals, including industrial buildings such as warehouses etc. The reason being is that having a sound ventilation system is important for controlling smoke. It also saves the occupants in the building by preventing them from inhaling deadly toxins in the event of a fire. There are three different types of ventilation systems: smoke ventilation system, natural ventilation system, and mechanical ventilation system. Each ventilation system has its own set of benefits and pros over the other. It is wise to do more research and learn about them to become familiar with how they operate or talk to our experts at Cease Fire Solutions to help make a well-informed decision. We supply and install a wide range of ventilation systems that are best suited for your building and specific needs. Our professional team is always on hand to provide you with solutions that will benefit you. Additionally, we are also experts in installing ventilation systems.


Top-quality smoke ventilation systems

Smoke ventilation systems are important life safety systems created to make it easier for occupants in the building to exit in the event a fire breaks out safely. It also helps the firefighters to extinguish the fire quickly by creating a visible passage. Our fire protection engineers at Cease Fire Solutions adhere to all the strict and mandatory legislation and regulations when it comes to installing smoke ventilation systems. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to speak to our team today.

How do smoke ventilation systems save lives and minimize property damage?

  • By making sure all the access and escape routes are smoke-free

  • By assisting the firefighters in their operations

  • To prevent the risk of a fire from developing further

  • By safeguarding the contents in the building

  • By lowering the risk of damage to the building

Regardless of whether your property type is residential, commercial or industrial, a smoke ventilation system should be a mandatory part of the overall fire strategy of the building.

What does a smoke ventilation system do if it is present on the premises?

  • Ifat a fire breaks outs, you can open the high-level smoke events and low-level fresh air inlet vents.

  • A smoke ventilation system allows cool air into the building by forcing the hot and air smoke out the roof. It creates a smoke-free layer for escaping safely.

  • The smoke-free layer allows safe access for the firefighters to get their equipment inside to be extinguished.

Top of the line carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is a gas that is highly dangerous and flammable which can cause a lot of health problems and, in some cases, even death even at low concentrations. Therefore, it is recommended to implement carbon monoxide detectors to provide the people on the premises with complete peace of mind. We are often if a carbon monoxide detector will be able to measure Carbon dioxide levels. Unfortunately, the answer is a no. Carbon monoxide detectors use electrochemical sensors to detect levels of gas in the atmosphere. To find out more information, give the team at Cease Fire Solutions a call today. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors are one the fastest and most effective devices to prevent CO poisoning. It will sound like a siren when it detects carbon monoxide. Contact our team today to help install a carbon monoxide detector for your property.

How do carbon monoxide detectors function?

As mentioned earlier, these detectors sound an alarm when they sense a certain amount of carbon monoxide. The detectors consist of:

  • Biometric sensor - It is a gel that changes colour when it absorbs carbon monoxide, and when the alarm is triggered, it changes colour.

  • Electrochemical sensor - When the electrodes in chemical solutions come in contact with carbon monoxide, it creates a change in electrical currents. Once the carbon monoxide detector sounds the alarm, the only way the siren will stop is if carbon monoxide is entirely free and not present in the space.

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Experts in installing warehouse/store ventilation systems

A warehouse or store needs to continually circulate fresh airstream to ventilate noxious air. Our qualified and experienced engineers will install customized warehouse/store ventilation systems ensuring the space is filled with clean air all the time. The build-up of hot and stale air can be a hindrance in the above-mentioned settings. Frequent air changes must help ensure the employees' safety, health, and productivity on the premises. At times there are two processes in an effective ventilation system. The first one is to constantly introduce a flow of fresh air, and the other use is to eliminate noxious air along with any fumes and odours. Give our team a call for further information on the complete range of ventilation systems we supply for stores and warehouses.

A range of car parking ventilation systems to prevent fires

A car park that is open-sided usually has no basement storeys. Ventilation must be provided at each level of the car park that has permanent openings. If those criteria are not fulfilled, the cark park may be enclosed. Even though modern cars are installed with catalytic converters, most vehicles often still emit a surprising amount of dangerous pollutants. The car parking ventilation systems that we supply and install eliminate combustible gasses, and any fuel spill vapours, including un-combusted fuel particles ensuring a secure environment.

One of the major risks in the event a fire breaks out in a car park is the inhalation of smoke. The ventilation systems we install provide a directional flow that will remove and take care of the smoke to provide safe evacuation of the occupants, as well as make it easier for firefighters to access the building.

Trust the team at Cease Fire Solutions when it comes to car park ventilation systems. Contact our team today for further advice or more details.