Alarm Check Valve Assembly


The alarm check valve is a water flow alarm device that is created for vertical installation in the main supply to a wet pipe sprinkler system. In the event the flow of water exceeds or equals the limit of a single sprinkler, the valve is set off and it activates the fire alarm. An alarm check valve is an integral element in wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. The purpose of an alarm check valve serves as a dual purpose which prevents a reverse flow of water. If there is a variable pressure condition, a false alarm is prevented. At Cease Fire Solutions, we have years of experience in alarm check valve assembly in the Doha region. Contact our team today to find out more details.


Why should you use alarm check valves in a sprinkler system?

There are several alarm check valves, including other components in a wet sprinkler system. It is imperative that any sprinkler system used specifically for fire suppression have alarm check valves throughout. According to a few unpopular opinions, alarm check valves are not meant to be used to prevent backflow. Alarm check valves most definitely help water in the sprinkler system from backflowing, thus leading to potential contamination of the water supply. The primary purpose of alarm check valves is to hold the water pressure back in the sprinkler system until the fire protection system has been triggered. There are two ways to activate or open an alarm check valve – either manually, when an individual activates a water gong, or electronically. Once the valves have been activated, they will allow water to flow through the system, thus engaging the fire sprinkler system as and when needed to extinguish a potential fire. Alarm check valves are available in 3” up to 8” in diameter.

The basic function of an alarm check valve

The basic function of an alarm check valve is to help control the water throughout a web standpipe system. This could be underground, but most alarm check valves are above the ground, usually present in buildings and high rises. Because water is so corrosive, when it sits for a long period, it can cause corrosion to the pipes. To help minimize the level of corrosion in pipes, alarm check valves are installed within the pipes. Once the fire system is activated, the alarm check valves will open for the full pressure of water to fill the system. Another major purpose of an alarm check valve benefits high rise buildings and other structures containing a vast length of piping in the wet pipe system. This is done to automatically control the flow of water in the system itself.

Another purpose of these alarm check valves is tremendously beneficial in high rise buildings and other structures that would contain a tremendous length of piping throughout its wet pipe system. That would be to automatically control the flow of water throughout the fire alarm system itself. Should maintenance need to be done at any point in the system, the technician would either need to manually close valves or drain the entire system to where work needs to be undertaken. With the help of using an electronically controlled system with check valves, this will not be necessary.

What are the potential risks of ignoring alarm check valves?

By completely not installing an alarm check valve in the sprinkler system, two possible scenarios will happen. Either a technician would need to manually open the valves to allow water into the sprinkler system or the entire system would be under massive pressure throughout leading to issues like corrosion etc. There is absolutely no reason for any person to design, build, or upgrade a sprinkler system to consider installing an alarm check valve, even if the law does not require them to. The higher the quality of the alarm check valves, the more secure the complete fire protection system will be, which ultimately does not only protect the investment in the building, but also the people present.

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