Threaded & Grooved Fittings


Cease Fire Solutions specializes in the sale, installation and maintenance of threaded and grooved systems fittings for buildings across Doha. Please do not hesitate to contact our professional and friendly team today for further information.


Grooved fittings

Grooved fittings are used to join pipes in both, wet and dry systems. They are usually fitted in sprinkler risers, pipe feeds passing from one building to another, including installation in spaces that are tight or where the alignment of pipe is difficult. Grooved fittings are also quick and easy to install, and they are a more economical option than threaded fittings. A grooved fitting has four components:

  • A grooved pipe

  • Sealing element

  • Fastener

  • Coupling housing

Benefits of grooved fittings:

  • Installation is faster, as it is one of the most versatile and reliable fitting systems.

  • Offers flexibility that dampens vibration in earthquake-prone areas.

  • Cost-saving – Grooved fittings are cost-effective. The installation is quick and straightforward; it does not require any welding.

  • Flexible joints – Each grooved fitting is a flexible joint that makes it easy to remove the fitting making it easy to clean, service and maintain. You can also change the fitting system easily by adding or removing it.

  • Simple and quick installation

  • Reduces noise and vibration – Grooved fittings isolate noise and vibrations resulting in a quieter system, thus eliminating the need for noise suppression systems.

  • Provides contraction and expansion of fittings – A grooved fitting allows the pipe to expand and contract, ensuring the connection is not compromised. Additionally, it also eliminates the need for costly expansion joints. Grooved fittings also eradicate the need for pipe stresses for pipes that are buried and underground.

Threaded fittings

Threaded fittings are one of the oldest methods of joining piping systems. Just like socket weld fittings, threaded fittings are ideally used for small pipe diameters; where the diameter is NPS 2 or smaller. Threaded fittings are normally used in low-cost, less-critical applications such as fire protection, domestic water, and industrial cooling systems. They are commonly made of malleable iron, cast grey, cast brass, bronze, carbon steel, or alloy that is forged. Finally, they are available in various pressure ratings like – Class 2000, 3000 and 6000. For further details on the sale, installation and maintenance of threaded fittings, contact our team today. Whatever your queries, our team will be more than pleased to assist you.

  • The productivity of installing threaded fittings is high, and it does not require highly specialized installation skills.

  • It is suitable to install in places where the temperature is low and where vibrations are not encountered. It is also recommended to install in places where the pressure is low to prevent any leaks.

A complete range of grooved and threaded fittings

Cease Fire Solutions in Doha offers a wide range of top-quality, flexible and competitively priced grooved and threaded fittings compatible with complexes, commercial and industrial spaces. Our range of grooved fittings includes short-pattern and standard elbows and tees, caps, grooved flange adapters, and mechanical and threaded branch tees. The fittings are also available in galvanized or painted finishes and are approved for use in fire systems up to 300 psi pressure. Our engineers ensure quality control, product functionality, and integrity. Here at Cease Fire Solutions, we pride ourselves on inspecting and reporting that makes us stand out from the rest.

We also offer a comprehensive range of threaded fittings that can be installed without any special tools. All our grooved and threaded fittings are fitted with EPDM rubber seals.

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