Fire Alarm Cables


Fire alarm cables are a crucial component of any fire alarm system. They are used to connect fire security systems such as exit signboards, business complexes, educational institutions, hospitals, high-rise buildings, etc. These cables play a vital role where fire safety is critical. Fire alarm cables ensure maximum safety as they act as lifelines to fire safety systems and secure buildings, importantly. Cease Fire Solutions in Qatar has a wealth of experience in installing fire alarm cables for the above-mentioned premises. To schedule a consultation or to find out more details, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.


Various types of fire alarm cables:

Below-mentioned is different types of fire alarm cables that ensure utmost safety for equipment and people inside the premises:

  • FPL cable: It is the most standard type of fire alarm cable. Used for the general purpose of the fire alarm installation. This type of cable is commonly used with surface wiring.

  • FPLP cable: This fire alarm cable is used in horizontal overhead installations such as ductwork, or other spaces commonly utilized for the passage of ambient air. Because of their sturdiness, quality engineering and the protection they provide, these fire alarm cables are slightly more on the expensive side. All FPLP cables have the required fire resistance and low-smoke production qualities.

  • FPLR cables: This type of fire alarm cable is used between floors, such as going from one floor to the next, or installed in a shaft.

  • NPLF cables: These cables are suitable for all general fire alarm cable applications. However, they cannot be used in environmentally friendly air-flow risers, ducts unless they are correctly installed within a channel.

  • FPLP shielded cables: These are fire alarm cables that come with a drain wire, including an aluminium polyester foil shield to obstruct any extra interference within the fire alarm cable.

  • NPLFP cables: These are non-power limited fire alarm cables ideal for installation in air ducts, plenums, including other zones where there is a flow of ambient air.

Fire-resistant and easy to install

Fire alarm cables are designed to be easily installed. As these cables are heavily insulated they can withstand high temperatures preventing them from tearing and abrasions, or any other installation problem that you would commonly find in soft-skin cables. These cables are suitable for installations in voice alarms, emergency lighting, smoke alarm systems, fire detection systems.

Advantages of fire alarm cables:

  • One of the most significant advantages is that fire alarm cables can be easily identifiable due to their bright red colour PVC outer jacket.

  • Fire alarm cables not only protect the wire when installing but also protects the wire from any kind of abrasion.

  • In the event a fire breaks out, it is designed to produce very little smoke, which is a critical factor with fire alarm cables.

  • Fire alarm cables are developed to work even in very high temperatures.

  • When a fire breaks out, power will continue to travel through the circuit and not shut off immediately.

  • They are a cost-effective alternative

  • Fire alarm cables are available in 2-core, 3-core, and 4-core options making them extremely easy to store and use.

Fire alarm cable specifications:

  • 2-C cable: This fire alarm cable type is used for connecting alarm equipment such as sensors and control panels

  • 3-C cable: Contains zero halogen and is flame retardant, used in emergency lighting circuits and fire alarms.

  • 4-C cable: Used mainly in smoke detectors, burglar alarms, sirens, and strobes, etc. This fire alarm cable is free from any hazardous compounds.

Note: Fire alarm cables come in a thickness of 1.5 Sq. Mm, 2.5 Sq. Mm, 4 Sq. Mm, and 6 Sq. Mm.

A fire alarm cable is one of the most overlooked electrical wires. It is ironic, as fire alarm systems are crucial to every building’s security system. A large percentage are unaware of the various fire prevention systems, including the cables that enable them to function optimally. Don’t worry, at Cease Fire Solutions, our team of experienced professionals have the technical know-how to identify the right fire safety systems, including installing fire alarm cables at workplaces. For more information on fire alarm cables or to schedule an initial appointment, you can reach out to us at +974 4038-9783. We offer comprehensive fire protection solutions throughout Qatar.