Fire Rated Doors


Fire-rated doors are types of doors that are constructed from materials that help in slowing down or completely stopping the spread of flames, smoke, and in certain cases, transfer of heat. Common materials used in making fire-rated doors include wood, steel, fibreglass, or a combination of these materials. Here at Cease Fire Solutions, we have been supplying and installing top-of-the-line fire-rated doors for clients all over the Doha region. If you need more information or are looking to schedule an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our professional and friendly team today.


Components of fire-rated doors

Fire-rated doors are often referred to as assemblies that include the frame, door, glazing, hardware, and other components. The individual components are usually not required to be supplied by the same manufacturer, but they must be classified, labelled, and approved by an authorized third party approved by Qatar civil defense to use in a fire door assembly. To ensure the doors perform as intended, manufacturers have extensively tested all the components to make sure they work as a cohesive unit. Upon utilization, fire-rated doors work in concurrence with surrounding fire protection systems to provide round-the-clock defence against any fire breakout, and ensure a safe and unobstructed passage out of the premises. If they are installed properly, they will not combust or fail as per the average fire rating. The standard fire rating ranges from 30 to 180 minutes. In the event of a fire, the doors are required to be self-closed, making sure the fire does not spread elsewhere and is contained.

Where are fire-rated doors commonly used?

Fire-rated doors are commonly used in commercial buildings rather than residential buildings. They are installed in areas where there is a lot of movement around, such as lobbies, stairwells, storefronts, exits, etc., to meet the necessary fire and safety code requirements. Additionally, fire-rated doors can also protect individuals against accidental impact and safeguard them against ballistics, a blast, or even forced entry. To make sure these doors achieve the standardized fire ratings and supplemental safety and security ratings, these doors undergo rigorous testing.

An integral component of fire protection equipment

Fire-rated doors are an important component of any fire protection system. These doors act as a barrier against heat, smoke, fire, and provide the people present in the building with enough time to plan their escape safely out of the building. These doors are designed keeping in mind safety codes and regulations. At Cease Fire Solutions, with years of experience in this line of business, we understand the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for our clients, and supplying and installing fire-rated doors that are only approved by the Qatar Civil Defence (QCD). Fire-rated doors come in a range and variety to choose from without compromising on aesthetics and safety. For more details, get in touch.

Is it possible for glass doors to be fire-rated?

The answer is, yes. We supply fire-rated doors from various manufacturers that offer a wide selection of fire-rated glass door systems that improve visibility, including meeting all the necessary fire and life safety requirements. The fire safety ratings for fire-rated glass doors range from 30 to 120 minutes. These kinds of doors are a fantastic alternative as they serve as a regular pathway for occupants supporting good visibility to find their way more effectively. Cease Fire Solutions supplies a range of fire-rated doors that brings clarity and safety to even the most challenging situations.

Prevention is better than cure

As the famous saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure". The fire-rated doors we install and supply comply with all the international standards and most important requirements of the Qatar civil defence. These doors do not just prevent fires; they also safeguard occupants from any hazards. Our wide selection from leading manufacturers will leave you spoilt for choice. We also have a team of professionals who will install them expertly. Our company has a Civil Defence certificate and can supply and install fire-rated doors that have a fire safety rating of up to three hours. For further information or to request a free estimate, give us a call at +974 4038 9783 today. Our team will be more than happy to address any queries that you may have. We offer our complete fire protection services throughout Qatar.