Lift Pressurization


One of the most hazardous situations that can happen in a building is smoke from a fire breakout. Smoke that arises during a fire tends to usually travel towards the lift spaces and other vertical shafts, which can cause thermal expansion and create a chimney effect. The smoke that expands in these spaces makes it difficult for the firefighters to tackle the issue, including occupants from escaping from the building safely. To solve these issues, lift pressurization systems are one of the effective ways to protect this space in high-rise buildings from smoke spreading to other parts.


Prevent injuries and reduce property damage

Even though a fire by itself can cause a lot of damage, the smoke that comes out from the fire causes the most injuries and damage to the property. During a fire breakout, the smoke is more dangerous than the fire itself, as mentioned earlier. A lift pressurization system or any kind of smoke pressurization system can safely protect the occupants in the building and the interiors. A pressurization system controls the flow of smoke in the event a fire breaks out. Additionally, it also stops the smoke from spreading throughout the building into the protected areas, including helping firefighters access the burning building much more efficiently. Cease Fire Solutions enables the control of the pressurization in your lift shaft during a fire breakout. It monitors the smoke sensor placed in the lift shaft. In high-rise commercial and residential buildings, in addition to staircases serving as an escape route, the lift is also another alternative to help firefighters quickly reach particular floors to extinguish the fire immediately. This is where a lift pressurization system is of great use. To find more details on the lift pressurization systems we supply and install, give Cease Fire Solutions a call today.

Preventing the access of smoke in lifts

Lift pressurization systems are made to create high pressure by mechanical ventilation to prevent the smoke from accessing the lift shaft. They also help defuse the smoke and make the evacuation routes smoke-free, allowing people and firefighters to escape and stop the fire from increasing. Cease Fire Solutions installs the correct lift pressurization systems based on the requirements of the buildings and the necessary fire regulations. Additionally, we also pride ourselves on having experienced and professional fire protection engineers to undertake the installations ensuring it is completed on time and done right the first time around.

Benefits of lift pressurization systems:

  • They automatically operate to provide air pressurization

  • Open the motorized damper that is usually closed for direct pressurization

  • Automatically stop is smoke detectors installed within the life shaft or lift room are activated

Why is there a need for a lift pressurization fan?

The purpose of lift pressurization fans is to safeguard the shafts from the smoke entering the gaps of the lift or the shaft. It also prevents the smoke from spreading to the other floors where the lift shaft is connected.

Why is it essential to install a lift pressurization system?

A lift pressurization system is a fantastic way to stop smoke from entering the gaps of closed lift doors as well as the shaft by injecting clean air into the lift. The objective is to have the highest pressure in the lift and lower pressure in the outside area to make it easy for firefighters to access and occupants to escape.

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