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Emergency exit lights play a pivotal role in creating a direct pathway for individuals to safely get out of a building during a fire breakout. Emergency exit lights are widely used in industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, factories, and other high-rise buildings. Cease Fire Solutions in Doha are leaders in the fire safety industry equipment industry and supply a range of exit lights from leading manufacturers for the above-mentioned buildings.


Why is an exit light important?

When a fire alarm system gets activated, the exit lights get activated and it provides the individuals in the building with an identifiable exit path if the pathway is filled with smoke. Not only buildings must install exit lights, but they must also be routinely checked as well to ensure it is in proper working condition. At Cease Fire Solutions, we supply top-of-the-range exit lights that are guaranteed to keep the people in your building safe in the event a fire breaks out. Our team of engineers after installing them will do checks to ensure they provide 90 minutes of illumination during a power failure.

In addition to supplying and installing exit lights, we also offer additional services such as:

  • Identifying the right area for placements of lights

  • Testing the functionality of the exit lights

  • Make sure they stay illuminated for at least during a power failure.

Why do you need exit lights?

If you are living in a high-rise building, or commercial or industrial space, exit lights are a life-saving option in a crisis. Upon entering an office, retail shop, cinema or restaurant or any other commercial or industrial setting, you would notice visible exit lighting systems around the exits of the building. As mentioned earlier, one must install exit lighting systems on their premises. Premises such as hospitals, schools, offices and a few shops must ensure to maintain a minimum standard of exit lights.

Benefits of exit lights:

Keeps you safe during a fire breakout

The most important benefit of an exit light is that it keeps us safe. When commercial or industrial premises experiences a power failure, you must ensure the occupants in the building can navigate their way safely to the nearest emergency exit. In addition to illuminating the exits in the building, they also highlight the important areas by illuminating the exits which can be used en route to an exit. Exit lights also play a significant role in guiding occupants safely even if the lighting is still available.

Saves your business a whole lot of money

If your office, commercial space, or workspace has suddenly experienced an outage, exit lights can help you and the occupants to exit safely in an orderly fashion without any stress till the power is restored. Exit lights help your employees work during power outages which significantly reduces downtime in turn saving you a lot of money. It also reduces non-productivity during work hours.

It is compliant with all the necessary fire and safety regulations

It is not a choice to install exit lights, it is mandatory. At Cease Fire Solutions, we supply and install exit lights that are compliant with current Qatar fire and safety regulations in the workplace. If you want government officials to visit you, we highly suggest that you install exit lights that comply with all the necessary rules and regulations. Additionally, if you are a property developer, a builder or an architect, the building code in Qatar mandates certain compulsory criteria if the owners of the building do not comply with the code. So, in summation, it is mandatory to have exit lights installed on your premises.

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Many people have lost their lives in fire accidents due to them not being able to identify the exit lights in smoky conditions. Over time, people have learnt their lessons and have become more mindful of fire safety. Those who believe they can bypass the laws will face the repercussions of strict penalties that could be severe. Cease Fire Solutions have years of experience in supplying and installing a wide range of fire and safety equipment. With several factors and requirements to keep in mind, leave it to the experts at Cease Fire Solutions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more information about the exit lights we supply, or more about our various fire safety services. We offer our services across Doha.