Fire Suppression System


Cease Fire Solutions supplies and installs a wide range of fire suppression systems for buildings all around the Doha region. Give us a call today to request a free quotation or to find out more details. Below-mentioned is a few suppression systems that our team of experts install:


FM-200 suppression system

The FM-200 fire suppression system emits a non-toxic colourless gas that is ideally suited to protecting assets or equipment in places that are usually occupied. It mainly deals in extinguishing Class A, B, and C fires, as it is quick and highly effective in suppressing fires in spaces that are occupied, and the best part of it all is, it does not leave a residue behind.

How does it work?

The fire is suppressed by disrupting a fire triangle which is made up of a fuel source, heat, and oxygen. The FM-200 removes the heat which interferes with the fire triangle's chemical reaction to suppress the fire. Fire is usually extinguished within ten seconds or less.

Advantages of FM-200 fire suppression systems:

  • They are safe to install in occupied spaces, and it is a clean agent that is safe around people.

  • When the fire suppression system is triggered in the event of a fire, it will extinguish the fire immediately without leaving a residue behind, making it extremely safe for machinery, electronics, and equipment.

  • When compared to other fire suppression systems, this is a much more affordable option.

  • The vapours are low in toxicity and do not cause any long-term effects.

  • When it gets discharged, it will have little to no effect on the skin or eyes.

Inert gas fire suppression systems

Inert gas fire suppression systems use nitrogen and argon gases and their mixtures as an extinguishing agent, which reduces the oxygen concentration inside the protected hazard. The oxygen concentration is reduced with the inert gas until it reaches a stage where combustion is no longer possible. Each system is created to reduce oxygen to a specific level. When released, the inert gas is swiftly distributed uniformly within sixty seconds. Because argon and nitrogen are present in the atmosphere, its greenhouse effect is zero and the chance of ozone layer depletion is non-existent. Additionally, the inert gas is non-corrosive and can be used at normal temperatures on materials such as steel, nickel, stainless steel, copper, plastics, bronze, etc.

Features and benefits of inert gas fire suppression systems:

  • Potential for zero ozone depletion

  • Potential for zero global warming potential

  • The weight is similar to air

  • No fogging and residue

  • The by-products are non-combustible and do not decompose into toxic or corrosive elements in a fire.

Like any other fire suppression system, you must ensure that you get them installed by a specialist fire suppression installation company like Cease Fire Solutions. With years of experience offering complete fire solutions across Qatar, we also supply and install fire suppression systems, detection alarms, cylinders, pipework, and much more. Contact our team today to find out more.

Novec 1230 fire suppression systems

The Novec 1230 extinguishes a fire before it begins by rapidly removing the heat. Like a typical flooding system, the fluid is stored as a liquid in cylinders which is pressurised with nitrogen. When the fire is at the emerging stage, the automatic detection sensors trigger releases which suppress the fire within a matter of seconds. The fluid present in Novec 1230 evaporates fifty times faster than water. Additionally, the fluid also has a global warming potential of less than one, and the hydrofluorocarbons have a GWP of more than 3000. The fluid in the Novec1230 also has the highest margin of safety for human occupants among clean agents, including inert gas.

Advantages of Novec 1230 fire suppression systems:

  • Suppresses fire within seconds

  • Can protect irreplaceable documents and electronics

  • Leaves no residue and is electrically non-conductive

  • Provides the highest safety margin for human occupancy when compared to any suppression agent

  • Ideal for Class A, B, and C fires

Foam Systems

This fire suppression system is primarily a water system that is injected with either nitrogen or air. The equipment includes a rotating control device, a flare, separator, drill string floats and compressors. This suppression system is ideal for both drilling, engineering and reservoir engineering in gas and oil fields.

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