Breeching Inlets


Cease Fire Solutions is one of the most trusted and reliable fire protection solutions company in the Doha region. For years, we have been supplying the best-in-class fire protection products, including installing and maintaining them. We also supply a range of breeching inlets making it easy for the fire marshals to access the inlet in the event of a fire. For further information, contact our team today.


What are Breeching Inlets?

Nobody can predict a fire breakout as it can happen anytime. The best way to prevent a fire from breaking out is to take any necessary precautions beforehand. It takes much more than fire sprinklers to successfully suppress a fire. Breeching inlets are installed outside the building or any area on the property which makes it easily accessible for the firefighters to access the inlet. They access the waterline by using a breeching inlet. Normally, it is dry, but it is charged using fire-fighting equipment. Breeching inlets should be installed in a building fitted with an inlet connection and outlet connection at specified points. There are two types of breeching inlets available – 2-way breeching inlet and 4-way breeching inlet. The 2-way breeching inlet has two and a half non-return valve outlets, and the 4-way breeching inlet has four multiplied by two and a half non-return outlets. Breeching inlets are ideal to be installed in dry risers only. They are manufactured with the latest safety regulations. The body is made of cast graphite and the inlets are made of materials like gunmetal, copper, bronze, stainless steel etc. The inside of the breeching inlet is coated with black epoxy to prevent it from corrosion. Upon request, you can also get breeching inlets in brass or gunmetal.

Features of breeching inlets:

  • Body material is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron

  • The inlet connection and non-return valves are made of copper alloy

  • Each inlet connection is fitted with a non-return valve of a spring-loaded mushroom type

  • The breeching inlet is painted red internally and externally

  • The design of the breeching inlets is compact and elegantly designed with flow characteristics

  • The casting finish is of high-quality

  • The materials used are of top-quality, durable, long-lasting, efficient and most importantly, corrosion-resistant

  • Breeching inlets are maintenance-free

  • The internal parts of the breeching inlet are coated with either black epoxy or cold tar paint.

Two-way inlets and four-way inlets

A breeching inlet is fixed with the inlet connection to access the specific level of water. The two types of breeching inlets are the 2-way and 4-way inlets. A four-way breeching inlet helps you get a ton of flow of water. The inlet is usually made with materials such as gunmetal or copper that prevent corrosion. The materials used to manufacture breeching inlets conform to the necessary standards. The body of the inlet is cast from spheroidal graphite iron coated with black epoxy, which is a great anti-corrosion material. The back caps of breeching inlets are affixed with a rubber chrome chain. Usually, breeching inlets are installed outside the building to increase the pressure within the fire sprinkler pipelines that supply water from the fire pump of the building. The four-way and two-way breeching inlets are the two types of breeching inlets that fire brigade personnel use to access water. The inlet is usually dry and can be charged with the firefighting equipment. Both these inlets are ideally suited for a standard pressure of ten-bar. Cease Fire Solutions are reputable suppliers of firefighting equipment and provide all types of breeching inlets.

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