Staircase Pressurization


In any high-rise building, staircases are now considered as an emergency exit during the fire and it is mandatory that it should stay free of smoke during a fire. This is one of the main reasons why you need staircase pressurization systems in your building. At Cease Fire Solutions, you can trust our experts in providing the best and efficient staircase pressurizing systems for your building.

Our premium fire-fighting solutions are aimed at providing a safe environment for you, no matter whether you are at your office or home. Whether you are looking for installations or maintenance, our team is equipped and skilled to accommodate all your needs. You can trust us in providing the most efficient and effective staircase pressurization solutions across the State of Qatar. We are ranked number one in offering one of the highest quality and safe fire-fighting solutions in the country and we take care of everything from supply and design to installation and maintenance. Give us a call today to speak with our experts to know more about our services.


Benefits of Having a Staircase Pressurization System

  • Prevent spreading of smoke to stairways, areas of emergency exit, areas of refuge and elevators

  • Defend areas of refuge and emergency exit during evacuations

  • Aid the fire rescue operation by improving visibility in the rescue and refuge areas

  • Protect life and prevent damage to property

In the majority of high-rise buildings, especially in GCC and middle-east regions, closed doors into the staircases are a risky area. That is why installing staircase pressurization systems are advised so that they prevent the smoke from leaking through closed doors. There are usually six types of systems used:

  • Class A system: usually used in areas used as means of escape. They are installed under the assumption that the building will not be evacuated unless it’s directly affected by fire and it’s safe for the residents to remain inside.

  • Class B system: used in areas of escape and fire-fighting. They are installed to reduce the possibility of smoke contamination during evacuation.

  • Class C system: used in areas of escape during immediate evacuation. All residents have to be evacuated during the fire drill.

  • Class D system: used in buildings where the occupants might be sleeping.

  • Class E system: used in buildings where evacuation is done in phases

  • Class F system: used in buildings to minimize the contamination of smoke while firefighters are evacuating the occupants

During a fire or smoke, as the occupants of the building will be evacuating via stairs, the said area should have more pressure than the rest of the building. This way, when they open the doors, due to high pressure in the stairwell pushes the smoke out into the floor and clears the space for people to evacuate without suffocation or visibility problems. This is the primary focus of having a stair pressurization system, no matter the building is high-rise or stand alone.

One of the main parts of a staircase pressurization system is a staircase pressurization fan (SPF). When a fire breaks out, these fans force clean air into the stairwell, preventing smoke from clogging the escape route. In high-rise buildings, the fans also help in pressurizing the stairwell. Stair pressurization fans are not turned on except when there’s smoke and usually, when the fire alarm detects smoke, the fans will be turned on automatically.

You won’t have to worry about any details when you call us for your staircase pressurization services. Everything will be taken care of by our experienced professionals to meet your specific needs. You’d be glad to know that our services are available across the state of Qatar and we would respond to all your queries in a prompt and efficient manner. Give us a call today.