Fire-resistant for cables


Fire-resistant cables are designed to preserve circuit integrity and continue to work for a certain period under pre-defined conditions. The difference between the two is vital when it comes to maintaining critical circuits required for saving lives or for a safe, efficient, and quick plant shutdown. Cease Fire Solutions supplies and installs a complete range of fire-resistant cables, commonly also referred to as fire alarm cables, fire rated cables, fireproof cables, or simply fire cables. For more details, please speak to a member of our team today. Additionally, the fire-resistant cables we supply and install are designed to make sure that emergency systems will continue to operate in some of the most outrageous fire breakouts.


Designed for fire resistance

The fire-resistant cables we supply and install are specifically designed for fire resistance in applications relating to the delivery of power and auxiliary control in fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, voice alarm systems, etc. These cables adhere to all the necessary life safety and fire protection applications. They are also suitable for use within several control circuit categories for protection against any risk of mechanical damage. Our extensive range of fire-resistance cables that we supply includes a range of cables that are copper insulated, which are created to offer ultimate protection against any electromagnetic interference. As these cables do not have any plastic insulation, they can provide circuit integrity for up to 950 degrees celsius. Fire-resistant are ideally suited in environments that are hazardous and explosive, or where corrosive chemicals can affect performance.

Fire-resistant cables from Qatar's leading supplier

Cease Fire Solutions is the leading supplier of fire-resistant cables in Doha with a wide selection of cables to choose from. You can rest assured; all fire-resistant cables that we supply are manufactured as per the industry standards, and are suitable for installation in factories, residential units, offices, and in areas that are vulnerable to fires. We supply fire-resistant cables in two sizes – 100 metres rolls and 500 metres rolls. Being an industry leader in fire protection in Doha, you can count on us for professional and reliable service.

Wide selection of fire-resistant cables

Here at Cease Fire Solutions, we offer a variety of options, from copper and fire-resistant silicon rubber for protection and insulation against fire breakouts. They are also fire retardant and halogen-free. We also have UL listed and LPCB approved fire cables. For further information and specific queries, you can reach out to our professional and friendly team.

Why choose Cease Fire Solutions to supply and install fire-resistant cables?

Well, the answer is simple, really – Cease Fire Solutions has built a solid reputation in fire protection services and are widely considered the best in Qatar in this field. With years of experience in this line of business, we understand the challenges that every business sector faces when it comes to fire protection equipment, or even getting approval for a Civil Defence certificate for production units, factories, etc. That is why we have a professional and dedicated team, and all the fire protection products and equipment we supply are certified as per international standards, and most importantly, that has been passed through rigorous quality checks.

Difference between fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables

Even though fire-resistant and fire-retardant cables are put through several fire performance tests for them to be approved, the most important difference between fire-resistant cables and flame retardant cables is that flame-retardant cables are designed to prevent the spread the fire into a new area. Fire-resistant cables on the other hand are designed to maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for some time under certain defined conditions. The difference between the two is vital when it comes to maintaining critical circuits required for the safety of life and immediate plant shutdown.

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Our impressive portfolio is backed by a complete range of services that help us to carry out projects smoothly by providing our clients with comprehensive fire protection solutions. For more details on fire-resistant cables or to schedule an appointment with our team to discuss your specific needs, give us a call today at +974 4038 9783. When it comes to reliable fire protection solutions in Qatar, we are the name you can rely on.