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When you’re looking for Fire Pumps that can be used to protect any property from fire outbreaks, then Cease Fire Solutions is the place to be. Whether you’re looking for a End Suction, Vertical turbine or horizontal split case, you can speak with our team and we will make sure that you get the necessary goods as quickly as possible. Not only deliveries, but you can hire us for installations, repairs and maintenance work as well. Our services are affordable and we never compromise on quality. Based out of Doha, we serve domestic and commercial customers across Qatar. Contact us today for more details.


Horizontal split case pumps- ideal for dousing off any type of fire

Horizontal split case centrifugal pumps are designed with the suction and discharge nozzles placed in the bottom half of the casing, side by side. The impeller shaft is positioned between each side of the two bearings. This simple but rugged design is suitable for higher flow applications as it reduces thrust loads and allows for operation over a broad range of capacities. Offering minimal power consumption, low maintenance costs and extended service life, these pumps a great for fire fighting sprinklers that can put out powerful flames.

End-suction pumps- affordable and practical

This is another type of centrifugal pump that can be powered by both diesel and electricity. They are compact and have a long life. These pumps are available for duties ranging from 200 GPM to 1500 GPM and can be easily installed in supermarkets, hospitals, schools and colleges. Typically, end-suction pumps are utilized in sprinkler and hydrant systems. One of the major advantages that come up is the low initial cost for most scenarios. In addition, end-suction pumps have a reputation for being fairly efficient considering the low price point.

Vertical inline pumps- space-saving and easy-to-install

This type of centrifugal pump has a vertically oriented shaft, with the suction and discharge connections in the casing in line with each other. Commonly used as circulator pumps they are used in situations where the water flows through a piping system that needs to be pressurized. The main advantage of this pump configuration is its space-saving design, as compared to horizontal-end suction pumps. Another advantage is that the piping is simplified as it does not have to change direction as it does with an end-suction pump. These pumps are mostly used in commercial buildings.

Verticle turbine pumps- for the dry regions

Vertical shaft turbine which is commonly known as “vertical turbine” pumps have impellers that are submerged in the water source. These pumps have a bowl assembly, that contains several impellers on a vertical shaft, a column assembly built to a specified length and a discharge head assembly that holds the motor or right-angle gear drive.

These pumps are very helpful in areas where water is scarce, but also when installing an above-ground water storage tank is not desirable. Another advantage of a vertical turbine pump is that almost any length and discharge pressure can be ordered. Additional impellers can be installed for extra pressure. When this type of pump is installed properly, there is no longer a concern about the air in the suction pipe or priming concerns.

PC Graphics Work station?- we’ve got you covered

If your business is into developing creative marketing promotional material, then you would need a high-end PC graphics workstation with the necessary technology to keep the area cool. No to mention, if there is a fire outbreak in the area, it should be doused off as quickly as possible. Cease Fire Solutions can help you with that. Speak with us about your requirements and we will make sure that it's delivered to you. Our services are available to clients across Qatar.

CAMs Modules

You can also contact us for CAMs module. Better known as conditional-access modules these can be installed in various fire-fighting equipment to make them more efficient. If you have any queries, give us a call and get them resolved today. We will be more than happy to help you.

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