Aerosol Suppression System


Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems offer a highly effective solution for fire incidents. Utilizing advanced aerosol technology, these systems swiftly suppress fires, effectively preventing their further spread. With their reliability and efficiency, they are the ideal choice for ensuring fire safety in a wide range of environments.

Aerosol fire suppression is a form of fire extinction that is particle-based. It is very similar to dry chemical fire extinction or gaseous fire extinction. It consists of fire-extinguishing agents such as gaseous matter and fine solid particles. The exothermic reaction generates aerosol microparticles and gases, which remain in a vapour state until it is discharged from the fire safety system. Until then, it is condensed and cooled within the device and released as solid particles. In the 1990’s halon fire extinguishers were banned by environmental protection agencies, thus creating a need for alternative sources. Aerosol suppression systems are the ideal alternative to halon extinguishers to take out most types of fire, while ensuring safety for the equipment and people. Case Fire Solutions has a wealth of experience in offering top-class fire protection solutions for businesses across Qatar. For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.


How do aerosol suppression systems work?

As mentioned above, aerosol suppressants use a combination of gaseous matter and microparticles to flood the protected area. Until they are discharged, the particles are in a vapour state. Once released, it creates a chain reaction causing it to produce solid and gaseous matter to subdue the fire. The aerosol fire suppression breaks the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel) by reducing the fuel, removing the oxygen, and removing the heat. As long as there is a sufficient amount of heat, fuel, and oxygen, the fire will keep continuing to burn. This type of suppression system works toward removing the heat by:

  • Releasing large microparticles that surround the flame

  • Cooling the flame and absorbing heat to extinguish the fire

Aerosol suppression systems can also work by disrupting a chain reaction creating:

  • Aerosol particles that contain potassium nitrate to act as oxidizers

  • The microparticles bind with chemicals producing molecules such as potassium hydroxide and water.

  • A combustion process until the fire is completely suppressed

How effective are aerosol suppression systems?

Aerosol fire suppression systems are extremely effective in taking out class A, B, and C fires. Having said that, the effectiveness of these fire suppression systems depends on the concentration of particulates near the flame, the type of fuel involved, and the location of other flammable materials. Additionally, aerosol fire suppression systems can be equipped with automatic or electrical fire detection and activation systems.

The million-dollar question – are they safe?

Aerosol fire suppression systems operate by a chemical reaction that generates heat. The temperature of these canisters can reach as high as 4000°F at the time of discharge. This can also be a disadvantage as the high temperature may lead to a re-flash of the fire. A few aerosol fire suppression systems have cooling blocks installed to help lower the temperature preventing a re-flash. For your peace of mind, aerosol suppression systems do not cause damage to equipment; however, the particles can leave a residue on some sensitive components. A pro-tip – try to install aerosol fire suppression systems away from any sensitive electronic gadgets. They also should not be installed in places that are highly occupied as the fumes can be dangerous if inhaled, and it can cause visual impairment causing complications during fire evacuations.

Benefits of aerosol suppression systems:

  • They are quick to install, saving you a lot of time and money.

  • They are competitively priced

  • Less hazardous as there is no stored pressure

  • Does not create a pressure increase

  • The maintenance is straightforward

  • Installation does not require any complex pipework, including a lot of manpower

  • The aerosols do not deteriorate and can last for up to ten years

Aerosol fire suppression systems are a reliable and innovative piece of fire-safety equipment that is suitable for safeguarding buildings and people from any type of enclosed fire risk. It is affordable and simple to install and can be placed in server rooms, CNC machines, including military vehicles too! They are also environmentally friendly and highly effective at dousing fires in local spaces and enclosed facilities. The particles produced when discharged are non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is also five times as effective as halon fire extinguishers. So, what are you waiting for? Looking after the people and the equipment in the building by giving a call to the professionals at Cease Fire Solutions to recommend the best aerosol fire suppression systems, including helping with the installation. To schedule an appointment or to find out more details, contact us today at +974 4038-9783