HSSD systems


When you’re running maintaining a large commercial or industrial space, other than making sure that all basic utilities such as electricity and plumbing are functioning properly, you should see to it that you have the necessary equipment to protect your property against fire outbreaks. This can be done by installing numerous fire extinguishing units such as smoke detectors and fire alarms and if you’re looking for high-level equipment, you can opt for installing HSSD systems or High Sensitivity Smoke Detection units. These units are specifically designed to give a very early indication of an emerging fire condition. You can find out more or place an order by getting in touch with Cease Fire Solutions. We serve commercial and industrial clients across Doha, Qatar.


Understanding what High Sensitive Smoke Detection systems are

HSSD systems are used as an early warning smoke detection solution. These types of smoke detector systems will offer the quickest and earliest possible warning of an imminent fire hazard. Fire-related injuries, loss of business and damage of property can now be highly prevented with the use of the HSSD system.

It has a smoke detection system solution that features the present industry’s multi-level warnings and widest sensitivity range. Through HSSD systems the smallest level of smoke can be quickly detected even before the rise or outbreak of a fire.

High-sensitive smoke detection can be arranged by generating multiple alarms within the initial stage. It provides efficient and reliable communication to fire alarm control panels, building management systems or software management systems through High-Level Interface (HLI) or relays.

You can contact Cease Fire Solutions for the installation of complete HSSD systems for your property including the panels, pipes and filters. You can hire us for repairs and maintenance work as well.

Unique features of an HSSD system

  • HSSD systems have an effective aspirator that works by continuously drawing air into a distributed pipe network

  • It is incorporated with a dual-stage filter that removes dust and dirt to provide an additional supply of clean air while keeping the detectors’ optical surface free from contamination

  • It is also equipped with a laser detection chamber and has a long-term detector life

  • The HSSD systems are also designed with a calibrated detection chamber where the air sample is exposed to a laser light source and has a bar-graph display where the signal is processed and presented

Advantages of installing an HSSD system

  • A fire incident can be dealt with through local corrective measures as the HSSD system would inform you beforehand about the chances of an outbreak. (portable fire extinguishers, powering down equipment).

  • They can help to avoid the expense of automatic suppressant release or downtime due to fire damage or evacuation.

  • HSSD systems can be integrated into the main fire protection system with subsequent levels of alarms being set for suppressant release.

  • Can help avoid the probable escalation of a gas release.

  • Helps in avoiding possible shutdown of air-con controlling the server room with possible overheat and loss of server function.

Where are HSSD systems used?

HSSD systems can be installed in high-bay warehousing and environments that are subjected to extreme temperatures i.e. cold storage as well as areas with rapid air movement, e.g. air-conditioning plenum chambers. If you want to learn more about HSSD systems, feel free to contact Cease Fire Solutions, we will be more than happy to help you.

For hassle-free installation of HSSD systems for your property, get in touch with our team at Cease Fire Solutions. We serve customers across Qatar.