Pressurization System in Buildings


One of the most dangerous situations that one can face in a building is smoke. A fire breakout can be damaging, but the smoke causes most injuries. In high-rise buildings, the stairs are usually the primary source of exit during an emergency. The exit stairs need to be free of smoke. High-rise buildings must install pressurization systems to help keep the smoke out. Cease Fire Solutions is a professional company providing innovative fire solutions such as installing pressurization systems to ensure the safety of individuals in buildings. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.


Protecting building occupants and preventing further damage

Pressurization systems help protect occupants in a building as well as prevent any further damage to the building’s interior. Additionally, it controls the flow of smoke in a building in the event a fire breaks out. It also presents the occupants in the building with a clear evacuation route in need of a fire emergency. The primary function of pressurization systems in buildings is that it creates air pressure by controlling the movement of smoke. Air moves into the designated smoke zone from the adjoining areas and stops the smoke from spreading throughout the building. For further details, the team at Cease Fire Solutions are on hand to help.

What is a smoke pressurization system?

A smoke pressurization system is a fire safety device that is created to stop smoke from spreading throughout the building by introducing clean air into the stairwells. This increases the air pressure in the stairwells and decreases air pressure in different areas to create a safe and clear exit route for occupants, including firefighters, when they are taking out the fire. The team at Cease Fire Solutions can supply and install custom pressurization systems to meet the specific requirements of a building. If a fire breaks out in a building with smoke pressurization systems installed, the risk of owners being held liable is reduced. This is imperative, especially in high-rise office and residential buildings where hundreds and thousands of people work and reside.

Comprehensive pressurization system solutions

Here at Cease Fire Solutions, we provide complete turnkey solutions regarding pressurization systems. Our team has the experience and expertise to effectively get the job from installing them at escape stairwells to corridors and lobbies. Additionally, we also provide a service contract to service the system throughout the entirety of the building.

Benefits of pressurization systems:

  • Prevents the migration of smoke to stairwells and throughout the building, such as elevator shafts etc.

  • Creates a safe environment for occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire.

  • Creating smoke-free access routes for as long as possible.

  • Aids firefighters in the rescue operation by improving the visibility in the building

  • Protects occupants and reduces property damage.

Maintaining smoke-free access routes for as long as possible

When a fire breaks out in a building, it is crucial that your building maintains smoke-free access routes for as long as possible to increase the chances for occupants’ safety and reduce property damage. Various studies have shown that inhaling the toxic fumes from a burning building can pose a major risk to one’s life. The pressurization systems must react and mitigate this threat quickly and effectively. Smoke pressurization systems utilize mechanical ventilation systems to protect designated fire exit routes like corridors and lobbies within buildings. They do not provide options to the people in the building to safely evacuate, but they also give firefighters the chance to navigate the burning building easily. Pressurization systems have been used globally for many years now to safeguard occupants and interiors from significant damage. High-rise buildings are more complex, and fire regulations are stringent. However, these systems have become a widely popular choice for a vast range of building types. To find out more, please speak to our team.

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