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Protect lives and preserve property in the event a fire breaks out with fire sprinkler heads installed by the professionals at Cease Fire Solutions.


Built to last and stand the test of time

The sprinkler heads that we sell and install in commercial, residential and industrial properties all over Doha are designed and built to last a long time. Additionally, they are also available to use for a complete range of applicants, including a variety of finishes, styles and temperature ratings. We also sell a range of stainless steel or coated sprinklers to prevent corrosion. Being a well-renowned company in the fire protection industry, we have earned a reputation for supplying and installing high-quality fire sprinkler heads. You can rely on our team of fire protection industry experts to get the job done efficiently and effectively. To find out more information, contact us today.

Types of fire sprinkler heads

CMDA sprinkler heads: Control-mode density area sprinklers

The control-mode in a control-mode density area sprinklers refers to the fact that these sprinkler heads provide cooling and wetting to the area impacted by the fire until the firefighters arrive. Density area refers to the amount of water flow that is required for a given area. The sprinkler head system is designed to provide the necessary flow and pressure. CMDA sprinklers are similar to your average fire sprinklers in their shape and functionality. What separates a CMDA sprinkler from a normal fire sprinkler is the higher temperature ratings and larger k-factors.

ESFR: Early-suppression fast response sprinklers

It is a unique fire sprinkler head. Instead of controlling the fire during a breakout, an early-suppression fast response sprinkler suppresses it. The main goal of the early-suppression fast response sprinkler is to fully extinguish the flames instead of controlling it until the firefighters arrive and completely control it. They activate immediately and attack a fire, directly, ensuring less amount of water is used. It allows for less fire spread, making this sprinkler system very cost-efficient. Early-suppression fast response sprinklers have large k-factors and distinctive deflectors that are designed to produce large droplets that will not evaporate easily when it comes in contact with the fire. Another significant factor of an ESFR sprinkler is its quick-response functionality, as it is designed to operate much quicker than a normal fire sprinkler.

ELO sprinkler upright

The ELO upright sprinkler head is a thermosensitive sprinkler head that is available in a range of finishes and temperature ratings to meet the design and functionality requirements of your space. The huge orifice ensures there is great flow even at a lower pressure when compared to the basic orifice or large orifice sprinklers. This type of sprinkler head eliminates the need for a fire pump or reduced size of the fire pump if it is required.

Concealed sprinkler heads

Concealed sprinklers are automatic sprinklers that provide you with a standard response. The frame of the sprinkler head hides the deflector and the gasket. The cover of the sprinkler has a flat profile, and the diameter is extremely small at 60mm. The threaded design of the concealed cover plate allows for easy installation. These sprinkler heads are ideally meant to be used in wet pipe sprinkler systems. This adjustment in installation is a perfect fit for a wide range of pipe lengths. The heat sensitivity and water distribution design increase the chances significantly for the occupant to escape or evacuate in case a fire breaks out. Please note – a fire safety system is not a substitute for awareness of fire safety or fire safety construction required by building codes.

Upright fire sprinkler heads

Over the years, fire sprinkler heads have significantly reduced the visual impact of fire sprinkler systems. By creating fire suppression systems with upright fire sprinkler heads, these fire suppression have become more accepted, and many individuals have become familiar and realize how effective these types of fire sprinkler heads can be in fulfilling an important function while integrating with its surrounding.

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