OS&Y Gate Valves


OS&Y gate valves are installed at the main water service lines that supply water for fire protection. When new water main is being installed for fire protection it is important to use the correct valve inside the building. Even for water main repair of an existing line of fire protection, the main control valve should be checked and what a typical gate or a ball valve cannot do, OS&Y gate valves can. What it does is, offers unique protection that its counterparts cannot provide. If you want to know more, contact Cease Fire Solutions today.


Understanding what an OS&Y gate valve is

OS&Y stands for outside screw and Yoke and it means that when the handle is turned it rises or lowers the gate of the valve by directly interacting with the stem of the valve (as the handle and the stem are both threaded, they both interact together. As the stem rises, the gate inside the body of the valve rises as well letting water flow through the body of the valve. The main function of the valve is to make it always clear whether the valve is open or closed and it is highly important for maintaining water protection.

Importance of an OS&Y Gate valve

As a fire sprinkler main is dedicated for fire protection and not for any domestic use, you will not be able to test in the general fashion if the water is on or not. In other words, turning on a sink or flushing the toilet will not let you know whether the fire sprinkler system is active or not. If an OS&Y valve is installed, one quick look at the valve with the stem raised out of its body would let you know that the water is on.

The range that we supply

We offer a complete range of end connections in OS&Y gate valves that includes grooved, flanged and threaded variants in configurations from 2" To 12" in diameter. We take both small and large orders and can deliver across Qatar. You can hire our team at Cease Fire Solution for installation, repairs and maintenance as well. Our services are reasonably priced and we never compromise on quality.

If there’s a leakage

Furthermore, to its function of checking whether sprinkler systems are working or not, the OS&Y Gate Valve incorporates a unique design feature that provides a backup sealing device for the O-ring stem. This device can be activated with the valve under full-working pressure in the unlikely event of future leakage past the primary seals. If you have any further queries, contact Cease Fire Solutions today!