Fire Hose Reel


A fire hose reel is a special type of fire prevention equipment that is ideally placed in areas with a high level of risk. They are known for providing an unlimited supply of water to take out fires and protection against heat. Unlike fire extinguishers, they can suppress fires ten times more than that. The hose reel allows the person using it to be at least four metres away from the fire. Cease Fire Solutions supplies a wide range of fire hose reels, including installing them, thus offering complete fire protection solutions at a competitive price. To schedule an appointment or for more details, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Keep in mind, fire hose reels can only be used when a fire risk assessment specialist like Cease Fire Solutions specifically recommends it. However, fire hose reels are not ideal for taking out chemical and electrical fires.


Fire hose reels come in two types. One is an automatic swing-type fire hose reel, and the second is a manual swing-type fire hose reel. Both these types of fire hose reels can be cabinet mounted, recess mounted, swinging, or fixed. Below-mentioned is the difference between automatic and manual fire hose reels:

Automatic swing type fire hose reel

This type of fire hose reel is designed as a pull-and-run system; meaning you need to pull out the hose and the turning motion of the fire hose reel turns on the water supply giving access to the user to get water quickly without any fumbling.

Manual swing type fire hose reel

The manual swing type fire hose reel is a cheaper alternative to the automatic hose reel. This hose reel requires the user to turn the water on first before running the hose out. Using this hose reel can be hindered by sticking stop-cock taps and seized valves. The highly recommended swing-type fire hose reel is the automatic reel as the valve is contained inside the reel and is protected.

Benefits of fire hose reel:

The assets in a building, factory, including people, are the most crucial. To ensure the longevity of any business, you need to ensure your assets are secure and safeguarded. This requires you to secure the workplace with the latest fire prevention systems like fire hose reels and much more to prevent any major damage from happening from a fire. Below-mentioned is a few benefits of having a fire hose reel installed for your premises.

  • Having a fire hose reel installed in your workplace gives a sense of security and direction to the employees to easily approach the safe assembly point in case of a fire.

  • Even though fire hose reels are old school fire prevention equipment, it is still very much effective in putting out fires in stores, warehouses, and other workplaces where paper, wood are commonly found. The reels can be installed on a swinging bracket, allowing the hose to be pulled in any direction within 180 degrees.

  • It is still, even today one of the most efficient pieces of fire safety equipment. Fire hose reels ensure your premises is safe from any kind of fire accident by having people ready to deal with the accident.

If you have a business in Qatar that exclusively deals with cloth, paper, or wood and are looking to install top-quality fire safety equipment, you cannot go wrong with the professionals at Cease Fire Solutions.

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