Butterfly Valves


Primarily used in industrial applications, butterfly valves are often known for their versatility. Especially in light-weight piping systems, they can achieve outstanding throttling accuracy for process control through low-friction, erosion-resistant sealing surfaces while applying low operating torques. You can contact Cease Fire Solutions for 2" To 8" diameter- grooved and flanged butterfly valves for your industrial plant. We take both small and large orders and can deliver across Qatar as quickly as possible. Our service includes installations and repairs as well.


Understanding what butterfly valves are

They belong to a family of quarter-turn rotational motion valves and are used in pipelines to shut off flow. A couple of major advantages over their counterparts from other families are their simple construction and compactness that results in the end product being of lighter weights and of lower cost as well. The installation footprint is also small while actuation speed is on the faster side.

The choice of materials that are used in the construction of these valves is driven by the nature of the media to which the valves will be exposed to with the inclusion of operating service conditions such as pressure and temperature. For many years, industries thought the best material for butterfly valves was metal due to its durability. However, valve life is often shortened by corrosion; wear resistance and strength based on unit weight are primary concerns as well. That’s why in the recent past, PVC has been used to construct butterfly valves and that made them lightweight, UV resistant, and extremely durable against corrosion. For further details on butterfly valves, speak with put team members.

What Cease Fire Solution has to offer?

At Cease Fire Solutions, we offer specifically two types of butterfly valves and these are:

  • Flanged butterfly valves: Flanged butterfly valves feature separate flanges at the ends of the valve. The variants for this type of butterfly valve include mono-flanged designs and double-flanged designs. In numerous cases, the flanges are drilled and tapped to meet ASME standards for pipelines, or in some cases may be available undrilled.

  • Grooved butterfly valves: Grooved-end butterfly valves are fixed to the pipes using standard clamping couplings. The grooved-end clamping system is ideally used for indoor fire protection installations as it is a fast and efficient way of joining pipes due to its high degree of flexibility. These types of valves absorb vibrations and noise transmission through the system as well which helps in managing the hose more efficiently.

The pros of butterfly valves

When it comes to mainly using the butterfly valve in firefighting, there are several advantages:

  • These valves are lightweight and compact and that leads to a smaller installation footprint which in turn results in a lower installation cost.

  • As have a very simple design that consists of only a few moving parts, they have signicantly low maintenance requirements.

  • The handle can rotate 90 degrees, which means that it can provide a complete opening or closure of the valve. Larger butterfly valves require a gearbox as part of the actuation mechanism which reduces the operational torque and simplifies the operation of the valve; however, it comes at the expense of speed.

  • They are ideal for starting, stopping and regulating not only the flow of water but any type of liquid.

  • As they have a very simple design, butterfly valves require less material to manufacture and are considerably more affordable when compared to other types of valves.

  • Butterfly valves can be installed underground as well, making them highly versatile.

If you want to know more about butterfly valves or if you have any queries, feel free to contact Cease Fire Solutions. We will be more than happy to help you. Our delivery services are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes across Qatar. Place an order today, we are based in Doha.

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