Check Valves


Check valves can be a key component in a fire suspension system. With the sole objective to prevent backflow adding a check valve after the water supply systems of the fire-fighting units of your building can help in maintaining pressure in the sprinkler heads. This helps in reducing the duration the pump takes to establish operating pressure in the sprinkler lines. If there’s a fire breakout, check valves to ensure that water can flow quickly to help in containing the fire. Cease Fire Solutions are one of the leading check valve suppliers across Qatar. If you’re planning to install these valves on the fire-controlling sprinkler systems of your building, place an order with us today.


A varied range of check valves that we offer

Although check valves do come in different shapes and sizes, we offer three specific types of check-valves with fireproofing in mind. These are

  • Grooved check valves: These check valves ensure that water flowing from fire department connections, bypass connections, pump discharge connections or gravity pressure tanks flow into your sprinklers and not to the street. They are highly durable, easy-to-install and are designed for working pressure of 300 PSI with a non-slamming, spring-loaded clapper that prevents backflow and water hammer.

  • Flanged check valves: This type of check valve offers more flow and lower pressure drops than traditional check valves. The valves are great for application in vacuum pumps, compressed air and gas systems as well as in water systems where low head loss and elimination of water hammers are important.

  • Threaded check valves: These are another type of check valve that is used in sprinkler systems for fire suppression.

If you’re thinking about specific dimensions, from 2” diameter to 12” diameter, we supply and install all. You can hire us for maintenance work as well. Contact our team for further details.

Helping the first responders

Another important area where a check valve becomes valuable is in the equipment used by first responders. It is important, that a first responder’s breathing air system must have a contraption that can help in preventing smoke inhalation- and an inline check valve can do that. Reverse flow from a mask to the tank can subject the fireman to smoke inhalation of caustic gases. What an inline check valve in the system does is it allows the flow from the tank to the mask, but prevents reverse flow.

Why use a check-valve in a sprinkler system? Specifically, alarm check valves

A wet sprinkler system can contain several types of check valves and other components. However, to ensure that if a sprinkler system is specifically used for fire suppression, then it should have alarm check valves throughout. These valves prioritise holding back water pressure in the sprinkler system until a time when it is needed. They can be activated in two basic ways; manually by a person who activates a water gong, or electronically. Once activated, they will allow water to flow through the system, engaging the sprinkler system whenever needed in order to suppress a potential fire.

For further details on how check valves help in fire fighting, or to place an order, contact Cease Fire Solutions today.