Why Fire-Resistant Cables Are Necessary For Safety?

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Why Fire-Resistant Cables Are Necessary For Safety?

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Why Fire-Resistant Cables Are Necessary For Safety?

Fire-resistant cables have been developed for the sole purpose of decreasing the risk of fires and increasing safety in factories and other commercial and domestic buildings. In this blog post, we explain what you need to know about these fireproof cables.

Even in emergencies, certain circuits are required to continue operating and the use of fire-resistant cables makes this possible. These cables do not immediately shut off when a fire starts, but instead, power continues to travel through the circuit. This power is directed towards elevators, fire pumps, fire alarm systems, smoke control equipment and other emergency systems that are necessary to keep individuals safe during an emergency. These operating circuits provide the extra time needed for:

  • Evacuation of all personnel from a building.

  • Communication during an emergency.

  • Helping firefighters use their equipment to douse off the fire.

  • Care facilities, such as hospitals, evacuate ill, weak, or crippled patients.

Quality fire-resistant cables are made to combat fire

Fire is one of the major causes of the loss of human life and property hence; fire safety has always been a major focus area for most good brands of cable and wires to focus on. If you want to understand this a little bit better, you will have to learn about both of these items.

Cables are insulated with organic polymeric compounds such as halogenated products that contain Bromine, Chlorine and Fluorine. When wires or cables are exposed to heat, their insulation starts to decompose which releases dense toxic smoke causing impaired vision and asphyxia. To address this problem, cable manufacturers introduced different types of fire-resistant cables. They are

  • Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) cables

  • FR (Fire Retardant) cables

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables

  • Fire Survival (FS) cables.

It is advisable to use these types of cabling on your domestic property. Fire-safety cable manufacturers have also become careful about maintaining national and international standards. They use quality fire-retardant materials to insulate all produced wires.

Fire-resistant vs Fire-retardant cables

Have you ever wondered if there are any differences between fire-resistant and flame retardant cables? Despite having similar names, the two are not interchangeable. Fire-resistant cables keep working during a fire while a flame-retardant cable serves a different purpose. It used to hinder the spread of the fire.

Fire-retardant cables have their own requirements and have to pass the IEC 60332. They are tested to make sure they will limit the spread of fire into a smaller area of the building. One of the important takeaways of this article is that you need to install fire-safety cables so that your building will be safer in case of a fire. You never know when the next emergency is going to occur, so get prepared now! You certainly don’t want to get caught off guard in a dangerous situation.

Fire-resistant cables suppliers in Qatar

If you have been looking for fire-resistant cable suppliers in Qatar, you may want to get in touch with Cease Fire Solutions. They provide excellent-quality fire-resistant cables to commercial and domestic clients across the country. You can hire them for a hassle-free and affordable installation service and they offer maintenance work too.