What Are Exit Lights and Why Are They Important?

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What Are Exit Lights and Why Are They Important?

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What Are Exit Lights and Why Are They Important?

We all know why are emergency exit lights used? They are placed at specific exit areas so if there is an emergency everyone in the vicinity can safely get out of the location without much hassle. But that is obvious, what else can exit lights be used for? Well, one of the main reasons can be that as a business owner or a landlord for a commercial building, exit lights give you complete peace of mind as you would know that you created a visible pathway to exit the building in case of an emergency. It also makes the building fully compliant with respect to national standards designed to keep the property public safe in emergencies. In the event of a power outage, the exit path for a building should be clearly lit and emergency exit lighting provides assistance to anyone who’s trying to make their way out.

Exit lights- helping you in finding a way out

Exit lights are a type of light fixture that runs from your main power system and are installed with a built-in automatic battery backup which turns on during a power outage. It doesn’t only have to be only power outages, but they can help in finding the exit path such as other emergencies such as fire outbreaks as well. As the fire alarms start without warning and the fire slowly spreads across the building, you might feel a sense of panic rising. This might be followed by disorientation and confusion which can result in injuries. With exit lights, a clear escape route can be signalled so you and your team members can exit the building safely. This type of lighting arrangement is designed to illuminate escape routes such as stairways and corridors and is useful for locating fire fighting equipment as well.

The benefits of exit lighting in a commercial building
  • Safe and timely evacuations: When a fire alarm system goes off, the first thing people do is look for emergency exits. The faster people can see the exits, the sooner they’ll be able to evacuate. In the event of a fire, people must have a chance to evacuate the building before the fire spreads or they inhale too much smoke. To ensure your building is safe for its occupants, you’ll need to see to it that your emergency lights always work properly.

  • Staircases stay lit: If there is a power outage, you won’t want people to be stranded in the stairwells. They are especially dangerous this time because people may trip or fall. The best way to keep people safe during a power cut or outage is to install emergency exit lighting. These are designed to stay lit during power outages so everyone in the vicinity can safely evacuate during an emergency.

  • People are calmer: During any emergency, people would want to know how can they keep themselves safe. With emergency exit lighting installed in hallways and staircases, they will know where they need to go. If you own a commercial building, you should be aware that many of your building’s occupants will not be familiar with the layout. Exit lights can help them easily find their way out in such as situation.

  • Helping first responders: If there is a fire emergency exit lighting can help firefighters move through the building. When they enter, they may not be familiar with the layout of your premises, especially when they are seeing it through haze and smoke. With emergency lighting in place, the firefighters can see their way through the smoke and do their job. Exit lights can also help search and rescue teams if they are going into the building looking for survivors.

Hire professional exit light suppliers

If you have read till this point, you will now know how important exit lights are and should hire expert exit light contractors in your area for seamless installation service. If you are living in Doha, consider getting in touch with Cease Fire Solutions. They are a well-known fire protection supplies company in the area and are also international dealers of exit lights. Give them a call and discuss your exit lighting requirements, you won’t regret it.