How does an Addressable Fire Alarm System Work

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How does an Addressable Fire Alarm System Work

How does an Addressable Fire Alarm System WorkHow does an Addressable Fire Alarm System Work

An addressable fire alarm system operates by having every detection & notification device connected to the fire control panel. Each signaling device has its own address. This operation allows the fire alarm system to transfer information to the control panel with a wide range of information. The most important part of an addressable fire alarm system is that it pinpoints the exact location of fire or smoke, thus providing a high level of reliability and safety. The technology in the addressable fire alarm system immediately notifies the fire authorities of the fire and its location so that they can respond swiftly.

What is an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

An addressable fire alarm system is a reliable fire alarm system that is fully equipped with necessary sensors, transmitters, and notification devices. These devices are installed across the building. In the event of a smoke or fire breakout, it will trigger an alarm signal to the control panel and it will give the alarm, and the relevant personnel can monitor the status of all alarms in the building at the same time. Furthermore, they also allow fire authorities to identify the building by its address rather than location.

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The working principle of an addressable fire alarm system

An addressable fire alarm system can be installed in different buildings. It is a fire alarm system that is capable of detecting fire or smoke at any given point within the building. When an alarm is signalled, the address of where the device was activated will be displayed on the control panel. As mentioned earlier, pinpointing the exact location of the fire significantly reduces the time for the fire authorities to respond and take relevant action.

Furthermore, addressable fire alarm systems are intelligent not just by design but programming as well. You can program the control panel to carry out a specific action when the alarm gets activated. This type of programming is also commonly referred to as “cause and effect”. The control panel in this fire alarm system monitors each device individually, which can help it make intelligent decisions based on the data it receives from each device.

Addressable fire alarm systems use both analogue and digital technology. The analogue sensor technology is used to detect an increase in heat or smoke on the premises. The data is then converted to digital data before it is sent to the main control panel.

The loops that are used to connect the device to an addressable fire alarm system require less wiring. This ensures that they are cost-effective and cheaper to install when compared to a conventional fire alarm system which requires more wiring. Having said that, an addressable fire alarm system is much suited for medium to larger premises.

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Personalization of addressable fire alarm systems

Since an addressable fire alarm system consists of various devices that are individually connected, there are different protocols in place for any mix of detection devices, and input or output models. These control panels employ Signalling Line Current loops (SLC) which are used to monitor a few devices to several hundred. If the fire alarm system is complex, there is a possibility of employing multiple Signalling Line Current loops.

Addressable fire alarm systems can be personalized with devices in certain areas programmed with different thresholds based on their location. The control panel identifies the address of each device on the SLC. The ideal initiating devices on an addressable fire alarm system include:

  • Smoke detectors

  • Heat detectors

  • Manual pull stations

  • Inputs from third-party systems (sprinklers, pumps, etc.)

Output devices include:
  • Door control relays

  • Auxiliary function control

  • Audible warning relays

These above-mentioned components control a host of functions, including:

  • Turning fans on or off

  • Opening or closing doors

  • Elevator recall to the designated floor

  • Activating or communicating with additional fire alarm control panels

  • Activating notification appliances

Benefits of an addressable fire alarm system

Addressable fire alarm systems offer several benefits such as helping first responders know exactly where the fire has broken out, including providing swift evacuation of occupants in the most dangerous areas. The single most important benefit of an addressable fire alarm system is its quick and efficient response. Another significant benefit of an addressable fire alarm system is that it severely reduces false alarms.

Additionally, they also help diagnose any malfunction to ensure faster repairs and constant protection. While it may cost less upfront, it is cheaper to install and the maintenance and upgrades are even lesser. With its scalability and flexibility, one can easily add new zones without interrupting its operations.

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The bottom line

Addressable fire alarm systems are vital in ensuring the quick and efficient evacuation of buildings. It can significantly help improve your business’s fire safety. If you want to know how an addressable fire alarm system works, our team will be more than happy to address any queries that you may have. To schedule an appointment, give our team a call today.