The Consequences of Not Having Proper Exit Lights and Emergency Lights

Benefits of Scheduling Fire Protection Maintenance and Inspection
January 31, 2023
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How does an Addressable Fire Alarm System Work
February 13, 2023
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The Consequences of Not Having Proper Exit Lights and Emergency Lights

The Consequences of Not Having Proper Exit and Emergency Lights

Emergency and Exit lights are an important safety measure that is designed to help guide occupants of a building to safety in the event of a potentially dangerous situation. A few overlook the importance of emergency and exit lighting. It is vital to regularly test and inspect exit and emergency lights to ensure they work effectively when they are supposed to. These lights in your building should work in the event of a power outage or when a power breaks out. At Cease Fire Solutions, you can rely on our contractors to test all the exit and emergency lights in your building to make sure they are in proper working order. Additionally, we are one of the best emergency and exit light suppliers across the Doha region.

When a power outage or any other dangerous situation occurs that could affect the occupants in the building areas such as stairwells, restrooms, storage areas, and other spaces, including areas with little or no natural light, it will be difficult to navigate without emergency and exit lighting. The consequences of not having emergency and exit lights on a building can lead to occupants getting panicked and stressed while trying to evacuate, thus creating more havoc. Furthermore, it also makes it difficult for firefighters to safely navigate the building.

Emergency and Exit lights should be installed in all building where occupancy is there. All building such as residential buildings, hotel buildings, warehouses, storage area, office buildings, factories, stations, airports, shopping complexes, government buildings, leisure buildings, and much more.

Emergency and Exit lighting is pivotal in dangerous situations created as it enables the safe, prompt, and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, in the event of a blackout caused by a power outage or due to fire.

Consequences of lack of testing and maintaining Emergency and Exit lights

Without routine testing and maintenance of emergency and exit lights, you may not be able to identify any issues until the event of an emergency which could prove to be dangerous in that particular situation. Failure to regularly test and maintain emergency and exit lights can have significant consequences to compliance, life, and property. Below mentioned are reasons for the consequences of not having proper emergency and exit lights:

  • Impede occupants from safely evacuating the building which could result in an increased risk of injury, trauma, or death.

  • Impede relevant emergency response service from effectively assisting occupants from evacuation, including finding the source of the fire breakout and reducing property damage.

Safely light the way for occupants

Regardless of the importance of emergency and exit lighting, they are often ignored once the device has been installed. If they fail to function effectively when needed the most, it can leave the occupants of the building in the dark. It is the rightful duty of property owners and managers to schedule routine regular inspections and maintenance of emergency and exit lights and signs in their buildings. The following are the best practices for the maintenance of emergency and exit lighting:

Inspecting emergency and exit lights visually regularly

Identify any loose or exposed wiring and ensure it is secure. Additionally, make sure the units are mounted to the wall or ceiling securely.

Conduct frequent inspections

Based on the jurisdiction, emergency and exit lighting must undergo inspection frequently. Through this one can identify any physical damage to the exterior of the lights and verify if they are functional at the time of the test.

Carrying out a full functional test

Businesses are required to make sure emergency and exit lights function under battery power for an extended time. Follow the necessary testing procedures and check to ensure all lights remain lit under normal DC power. If you identify any issues, repair or replace them.

Maintain records of inspection

The building owner should maintain written records of inspection tests. Lights that were not tested should also be mentioned in the report, and the reason the test was not completed should not be mentioned.

As mentioned above, proper inspection and maintenance of emergency and exit lighting will provide occupants with a clear and safe way to exit a building to seek shelter in the event of an emergency. Outsourcing testing and maintenance of emergency and exit lights to a reliable fire protection company like Cease Fire Solutions can help simplify the process whilst meeting all the necessary codes and regulations. When it comes to building safety, it is imperative to have emergency & exit lights that function properly. Every organization must prioritize them.

An effective emergency/ exit lighting system also assists people in an around open and enclosed environments, including helping them to safely locate equipment and reach the safety assembly points. By giving out essential illumination and guiding occupants to safe locations thus reducing panic and saving lives.

How Cease Fire Solutions can help:

The team at Cease Fire Solutions provides end-to-end services to assist in the testing, inspection, and maintenance of your emergency & exit lighting. With our wealth of experience in the trade, we can:

  • Carry out an audit of your emergency & exit lights.

  • While being on-site for your audit, we can also carry out emergency light and exit sign testing and maintenance as per standards and regulations.

  • Offer expert advice and information to assist you to achieve compliance

Giving you complete peace of mind

Effective emergency and exit lighting is not only important for making sure the peace of mind of those responsible for the safe infrastructure of public and commercial buildings. Emergency and Exit lighting is defined and governed by standards that cover occupational safety and building regulations.

Additionally, we are also international dealers of emergency and exit lights. If you want to find out more information about our fire protection services, or looking to install emergency and exit lights, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We will be more than happy to address any queries that you may have.