Why are Inspection, Servicing, and Certification of Fire-Fighting Systems Important

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Why are Inspection, Servicing, and Certification of Fire-Fighting Systems Important

Fire Alarm System

It is imperative for any building to regularly inspect, test, and maintain its Fire System to make sure they work. A thoroughly inspected, tested and maintained fire protection system can function effectively, and most importantly ensure the safety of your building and the occupants in it. If you want your equipment to perform optimally in the event of an emergency, it solely depends upon the quality of the test and inspection performed on them. If the job is done correctly, you can rest assured; that your business can see a plethora of benefits.

The benefits of routinely inspecting fire and life-safety systems

Regularly inspecting Fire Systems can provide a host of advantages for an organization. However, the significant reason for regular inspections is to prevent loss of property and/or human life. Below mentioned are some of the benefits your building and business can benefit from routine fire-fighting system inspections:

Making sure the systems are working correctly

The obvious and most important reason to routinely inspect fire systems is to make sure the systems and equipment are working efficiently.

Fire sprinkler systems

A fire sprinkler system is the most vital aspect of a building’s fire safety plan. This automatic fire-fighting system acts as the first line of defence, which is why it is crucial to ensure they perform effectively. They need to be inspected and maintained monthly, quarterly, annually. Our certified and experienced safety technicians will make sure the pipes are checked for corrosion or any other damage. Furthermore, it is also vital that the business uses the fire protection servicer that is undertaking the test and inspection.

Maintenance of the Fire system regularly will make sure the business does not pay a lot on unnecessary rectification/ repair fees, or even possibly replace them entirely.

Fire Alarms

A business must allocate a certain portion for installing fire alarm systems, however, if they do not work, what is the point? By regularly conducting tests and inspections, our certified professionals will identify any potential problems that might compromise the entire system, including making sure that all NFPA regulations are met. An effective and efficient fire alarm system can save lives and should be maintained routinely to guarantee its constant reliability and functionality.

Fire Suppression Systems

A fire suppression system should be regularly tested and inspected. There are various types of fire suppression systems:

  • FM200/ NOVEC/ Inert Gas Suppression Systems

  • Aerosol Suppression system

  • Wet Chemical Suppression system

  • Water Mist suppression system

  • Foam Suppression System

Ensure they Remain in Compliance

One cannot ignore life safety codes. However, it can be a challenge for organizations to test, maintain inspect all the different systems. It is imperative to understand the installation, testing, and maintenance requirements that are set by local and national authorities to make sure they are compliant and perform optimally. A lack of testing, maintenance, and inspection for fire systems is a regular barrier for organizations that seek to remain compliant. For example, it is not common for organizations to have a fire extinguisher that hasn’t had documented testing for many years. To be assured of the fire systems functionality, it is imperative to understand the requirements, how frequently it is needed and what results should you expect.

The best way to ensure your fire systems remain compliant is to entrust a reputable fire protection company like Cease Fire Solutions. We have the experience and trained technicians/engineers to guarantee compliance which identifies and fixes any potentially dangerous situations.

Identify the need for upgrades and updates

By regular inspection and testing of fire systems, businesses can find out part of their systems that is in due of an update or upgrade. Additionally, it also provides a few benefits that can have a positive impact on your organization. For instance, an inspection of fire systems can significantly improve the building’s overall reliability. Furthermore, regular maintenance and servicing of fire systems provide organizations with the opportunity to upgrade these systems.

A fire breakout can occur at any time. Therefore, one should ensure that they are always prepared for such contingencies. The main aim of fire safety is to protect the occupants from injury or loss of life, and the secondary goal is to prevent damage or loss of valuables. It is vital to know what materials in your building or work area are combustible and flammable. Most important, never block the fire escape route which will trap the occupants in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to the certification of fire systems, our team of experts is certified to handle the testing and inspection of fire systems. Please do not hesitate to contact our team today to find out more information.