Why Emergency Lighting is Important in Fire Systems

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Why Emergency Lighting is Important in Fire Systems

Why Emergency Lighting is Important in Fire Systems

An emergency exit light creates a clear and safe path for occupants to get out of a building or structure. Furthermore, in the event of a fire, it provides a safe exit to the individuals present in the building. It is also helpful for first responders looking to get into an engulfed building to save the occupants. Cease Fire Solutions is a reputable Fire Protection Company that has supplying, installs emergency lights for buildings across Qatar. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Irrespective of whether you enter an office space, retail shop, restaurant or cinema, you will not miss out on noticing a very visible emergency lighting system around the premises. It is compulsory for emergency lights to be installed, including a code for maintaining a minimum amount of emergency lighting systems. Apart from the obvious safety benefits of having emergency lights installed, there was a point in time when these fire safety systems did not exist, and the risk of fire-related accidents was significantly higher. So, we should ask ourselves, why installing emergency lighting systems in buildings is so important?

It keeps the occupants in the building secure

This is the glaringly obvious reason. In the event the power in your building fails, you have to ask yourself, how will the people navigate their way around safely? An emergency light will be running in your building 24/7, and it does not require your main power source. In addition to emergency lights illuminating the exits in the event of a fire, they also emphasize areas in the building that are used on the route to an exit. As mentioned above, emergency exit lights are installed to guide people safely out of the building. Even if lighting from the main power source is available, an emergency light will help guide occupants in the right direction.

Saves you and your business money

If your office space or shop suddenly experiences an unexpected power outage, emergency lighting will ensure that you and your employees can still resume work without panicking, till power has been restored. This significantly reduces downtime at your workplace, which can help you save money and most importantly non-productivity.

It is a mandatory compliant protocol

It isn’t a choice to install an emergency light in a building. You have to make sure that it is compliant with the Qatari standards of health and safety. Failure to do so will see you receive a knock from government officials, as well as result in you paying hefty fines.

Reduces panic and stress

Having a well-lit exit route in place will safely ensure the occupants in the building navigate to the exit without panicking. Panic and stress in this situation can potentially cause stampedes and confusion, which can lead to more injuries and possibly death. Emergency lighting allows occupants to safely exit the premises in a sensible and timely manner.

Various types of emergency lighting systems:

Maintained - This works similarly to normal light, however, when the main power stops working, this unit will switch to battery-powered output, and will operate till the main power is restored.

Non-maintained - This unit will only switch on when the main lighting system succumbs to a power outage. Additionally, it will only be powered by the main power supply for charging.

Combined emergency lights - A combined unit comprises two separate lights in the unit. One of the lights is powered by the main power supply which runs regularly, and the emergency light in the unit is powered by the backup energy supply. Based on the situation, the system can be maintained or non-maintained.

Get emergency lights installed in your building by a reliable fire protection company in Qatar today!

It is best that you leave it to trained professionals when it comes to maintaining and installing emergency lighting systems. All our team members are highly skilled and professional, including having a wealth of experience to carry out the installation of emergency lights that meet and comply with the necessary health and safety requirements. For your peace of mind, we work closely with several leading organizations to achieve compliance, safety, efficiency and reliability. If you are looking to get emergency lighting installed for your building, please do not hesitate to speak to our team today. When it comes to fire safety solutions in Qatar, we are the most trusted international supplier of emergency lights in the region.