Is Cementitious Fireproof Coating?

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Is Cementitious Fireproof Coating?

Is Cementitious Fireproof Coating

The cementitious fireproof coating will be applied to structural steel to protect it from the effect of a fire for a normal resistance period. This coating has fantastic physical properties and is ideal for interior uses giving up to 4 hours of fire protection. When it comes to cementitious fireproof coating, there is only one Fireproof Coating Supplier in Doha you can rely on – Cease Fire Solution. Furthermore, we are also the most trusted fireproof coating supplier in Doha. To find out more details about the fireproof coating, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Protecting the steel elements within the building

The cementitious coating protects steel elements within a building’s construction. The coating consists of cement or gypsum, which when wet form a long-lasting surface that has high fire resistance. The coating is applied in several layers to safeguard the underlying material. When completed, it forms a shield that prevents the heat from transferring quickly if a fire breaks out.

What is a cementitious fireproof coat used on?

Cementitious Fireproof Coating can be used on most building materials. The most common application is on structural steel. When applied in numerous layers, it significantly improves the fire resistance of structural steel.

Irrespective of which material it is applied to, one has to take into account some considerations when using a cementitious fireproof coat. The coat is more prone to cracking. For example, if you miscalculate the load weight of the protected surface, the solid surface of the cementitious spray can chip under pressure. Furthermore, a cementitious coat is not suitable for high-moisture environments. Moisture can gather between the substrate and the coating, potentially leading to the substrate getting corroded.

Long-lasting and reliable against fire

The cementitious fireproof coating is the ideal solution for protecting intricate steel and concrete structures in an industrial setting. They help create an effective barrier that will prevent fire for up to 4 hours as mentioned earlier and up to 2 hours in the event of a jet fire. The sprays are thick but at the same time lightweight providing long-term protection. Additionally, it is also easy to install and maintain.

Lightweight and durable

The major benefit of a cementitious fireproof coat is that it is lightweight, and the raw materials used are inexpensive. As the name rightly suggests, the material is lighter than dense concrete. However, it does retain a high labour cost associated with dense concrete. It must be applied in several coats which drives up labour costs. The drawback to a cementitious fireproof coat is that it inevitably creates a space between the coating and substrate. In the long run, it can lead to more structural damage.

Where is a cementitious fireproof coat used?

A cementitious fireproof coat is the most common form of fireproofing in an industrial building. It is used in several structural types, and there are a plethora of products. When choosing which product will be best for your specific requirements, there are various factors to take into account.

Not all cementitious fireproof coat is created equal, so you need to select a product that is best suited for your project as well as the environmental conditions your building will have to endure. Some cementitious fireproof coat is more durable, and some are better suited for high-moisture areas. Furthermore, there are a few cementitious fireproof coat products designed for air-conditioned spaces to test their durability in freeze-thaw cycles.

While the most cementitious fireproof coat is installed in areas that are at least semi-protected, some products can be left exposed to the elements. If you want to find out more information, talk to our team to discuss your queries. In addition to fireproof coating, we are also a fireproof coating supplier in Doha.

Various types of cementitious fireproof coating

There are three types of cementitious fireproof coats. Below mentioned are its benefits and features.

Standard density fireproofing

Standard-density fireproofing is ideal for properties that are not likely to struggle with harsh environmental conditions. Below are some of the benefits of using this fireproof coat:

  • Cost-effective option

  • They are quicker to install

  • Easier to pump to larger distances on the job site

Medium-density fireproofing

These products are ideally cement-based and are therefore sturdier. Medium-density fireproofing products have a minimum density of 22 PCF. This product also carries a higher bond strength and is code compliant for structures up to 75 feet. The benefits of medium-density fireproofing include:

  • It is more durable than lightweight fireproofing

  • Highly suitable in higher moisture areas

  • Can be utilized in unconditioned spaces

  • Code compliant for high-rise structures

Medium-density fireproofing provides durability and thermal performance combined with relatively easy installation. This type of fireproof is ideal for parking garages and mechanical rooms. It can also be used to meet the construction code requirements for high-rise structures that are exposed to harsh elements.

High-density fireproofing

This type of fireproofing material is best utilized for industrial fireproofing. High-density cementitious fireproofing from cement-based products with a density of around 40 PCF. Some of the benefits of high-density fireproofing include:

  • Resistant to moisture – Provides fire protection in areas with high humidity

  • Sturdy enough to resist accidental physical damage

  • Able to withstand freezing, thawing, and other harsh climate conditions

A cementitious fireproof coat is created to meet the safety standards of most buildings in a way that is efficient, effective, and economical. This material can help prevent fire or heat damage to your building’s structure. You have to do your due diligence to choose a product that is code compliant and meets your specific needs, including the ability to withstand the environmental conditions of your structure.

To find out more about our fire protection services or cementitious fireproof coating, reach out to the team at Cease Fire Solution – the trusted Fire Protection Company in Doha. Whatever your queries, we will be more than happy to address them. We offer our services to businesses across the Doha region. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.