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7 important reasons to have a fire alarm system
November 2, 2022
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November 21, 2022
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How to get a QCDD Certificate?


How to get a QCDD Certificate?

If you are an individual or an establishment looking to get your business license renewed, it is mandatory to receive a certificate from the Qatar Civil Defence Department (QCDD). This type of service is usually provided by Qatar’s General Directorate of Civil Defence. If you wish to find out more information about license renewal from civil defence, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Cease Fire Solutions.

About the General Directorate of Civil Defence

The country prioritizes its internal security and puts maximum effort to ensure its citizens and residents are safe and secure. In 1995, the “Extinguishing Police Station” was formed with the intention of increasing firefighting equipment, personnel as well the capability of the force. Below mentioned are some of the functions of the General Directorate of Civil Defence:

  • Carry out training for members of civil defence, and ensure quality security systems are applied.

  • Organize fire alarm systems testing, including taking all the necessary precautions to avoid potential risks.

  • Providing technical services such as the reconstruction of poorly constructed buildings.

  • Inspecting safety and security procedures in commercial, residential and public property and taking necessary action against any potential hazards.

  • Simulating fire drills on government and private premises, including simulating the evacuation process.

  • Survey and review architectural designs of all premises as well as follow up before issuing an establishment certificate.

  • Inspecting commercial businesses ensuring they are applying the necessary fire safety measures.

  • Qualifying companies that specialize in the distribution, maintenance, and installation of fire safety systems by renewals and issuing permits.

QCDD Approval Process for new buildings:

When setting up your business in Qatar, an integral part is to get approvals from the Civil Defence. It can be either for your new or existing building and so on. It starts by getting your building plans approved by the Qatar Civil Defence, including the fire protection systems such as Life safety, fire alarm system, fire fighting system, ventilation systems and much more. Detailed drawings must be submitted along with a filed copy of the guidelines to the Civil Defence. The process consists of two parts. One is applying for QCD approval and the other is receiving a certificate from the QCD. The application process starts by submitting the building plans drawing, once the business plans are approved, the building layout drawings must be submitted. Whether it is a Fire Fighting Layout Drawing (FF), a Fire Alarm Layout Drawing (FA) or a Smoke Control and Ventilation Layout Drawing (MV), they all get their application number.

All system layout drawing application numbers connect to the building plan application number. Please note, once approved, the application number cannot be changed or resubmitted. For instance, once the business receives the BP approval and there is a modification in the building plans, the original building plans cannot be modified, and a new building plan must be submitted only after approval from the QCD.

Cease Fire Solutions can help with:
  • Obtaining QCDD approval for any type of company equipment and products.

  • Obtaining QCDD approval for new and existing buildings like villas, complexes, malls, hotels, factories, government projects, restaurants, schools, or any type of commercial and residential building.

QCDD approval for License Renewal:
  • You should have a valid annual maintenance agreement (AMC) with a Civil denfense approved company.

  • We are a QCDD approved company

  • An online application has to be submitted online through MOI website.

  • All the necessary details shall be registered.

  • All the required documents shall be attached.

  • Follow-up for Civil defense inspection date.

  • During inspection, testing and demonstration of system performaces shall be done in presence of Civil defense by QCDD approved Engineers.

  • Successful test will receive approval from QCDD for license renewal.

How to obtain a QCDD Certificate?

All applications and submission shall be made online through MOI website.

We will help you to submit the application and get the approvals.

Over the years, we have successfully completed several projects that are clearly evident in the quality offered. We have built a strong reputation in helping establishments secure Qatar Civil Defence Certification and much more. Our project engineers and managers have a wealth of experience to undertake projects and ensure your needs are met and satisfied. If you wish to find out more information on license renewal from civil defence or to schedule an appointment with our team, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Are you looking to obtain approval from Civil Defence? Give us a call today at +974 40389783