Reasons to consider Intumescent Fireproofing

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Reasons to consider Intumescent Fireproofing

5 reasons to consider Intumescent Fireproofing

Have you ever heard of Intumescent or Cementitious coating? Do you know why it is important in fireproofing process? Don’t worry, at Cease Fire Solutions, we are a reputed fire protection company that has years of experience providing first-class active and passive fire protection solutions across Qatar.

What is Intumescent or Cementitious Fireproof Coating?

The basic principle for the fire proof coating is to protect the steel structure from breakdown to avoid jeopardizes people and property. The Intumescent or Cementitious fire proof coating is for protecting structural steel from losing it strength in fire incident. It can be applied in primary and secondary load bearing members of structural steel. The exposed steel members are coated with Intumescent and the concealed steel members are coated with Cementitious fire proof coating. The intumescent coating finishing is moderate and cementitious coating will give rough surface. The manufacturers recommended polyurethane topcoat can be used as final aesthetic finish over the intumescent coating.

Below mentioned reasons are to consider fireproof painting:

Helps from prevent structural damage

The fire proof coating will prevent the structural steel from fire damage. The fire protection will be span from 30 minutes to 3 hours based on the steel profile sizes and the project requirements. In the event of fire, the coating will act as a protective cover over the steel members by self-expanding process. The coating materials are available to achieve up to 750 degree critical failure temperature. There are different types of fire proof coating material available for cellulosic fire and hydrocarbon fire. This paint type is a popular choice for manufacturing, warehouses and oil & gas industries where the chances of fire happening are high. The paint can also be used in restaurants, offices and commercial properties.

Save Life and Property

By fire proofing, the structure will be prevented from collapsing to avoid endangering the people and the equipment in that building. In most cases the accident from fire happens by burn injury as well as the collapse of the structure. Once the structure will be protected the damage through the fire accident will be minimized.

Slows or stops fire from spreading

The flame retardancy properties of intumescent paint allow steel structures to maintain their durability in the event of a fire. When applied correctly, it can extend the time for the steel structure to reach critical failure temperatures. Fireproof coatings help make sure the building maintains its structural integrity in the event of a fire and give enough time for the occupants to safely evacuate, and also protect the firefighters from harm.

Protects the layers underneath

When fire proof coating paint comes into contact with fire, it forms a layer of char. The char formed acts as an insulation layer protecting the surface from excess damage. The protection time can last anywhere between 30 – 180 minutes based on the nature of the fire and the property of steel in use. In certain cases, the char can be scraped off the surface and repainted, which significantly reduces your rebuild costs.

Can be applied on any surface

As mentioned earlier, intumescent paint is an ideal choice for commercial buildings where safety and aesthetics are imperative. There are various finishes available to provide the desired colour. Fire proof coatings are available for different materials such as wood, cables etc.

Meets all the necessary building code and insurance requirements

Fire proof coating meets all the necessary building codes in QCS and insurance requirements for fire protection. It is mandatory for fireproof coatings to meet local building code requirements to qualify for insurance coverage. It is important to work with a reputed fire protection company like Cease Fire Solutions which clearly understands the building codes and regulations when fireproof painting. All the products shall be Qatar Civil defence approved and application shall be done by a Qatar Civil Defence Company only.

Trusted fireproof paint suppliers in Qatar

Unlike general paint applicants, fireproof painting is highly specialized and requires experienced individuals to get the job done. We are the Qatar Civil Defense, Cease Fire Solutions provides first-class fire proof painting services across Qatar. You can rest assured that our team of professionals follow all the necessary safety guidelines and will make sure your commercial premises is properly protected.

With years of experience in the trade, we provide first-class results and exceptional customer service in the fire protection industry. For further information, please do not hesitate to reach our team today.

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