Schedule 40 Steel Pipes


Cease Fire Solutions offers a wide range of steel pipes for fire protection use. They are effective in suppressing agents such as gas or water. With a wealth of experience in offering top-quality fire solutions, you can count on us for a professional and reliable service at competitive prices. Contact our team today to schedule an initial consultation or to find out more information about steel pipes used to prevent fires.


Available in various grades

Steel pipes for fire protection are available in various grades that are segregated into schedules. A specific schedule has set standards that measure the pipe’s thickness. If the number increases, the thickness of the steel pipe will automatically increase. Schedule 40 steel pipes is a type of steel pipe that has a performance that is proven, and it is extremely versatile. These pipes are coated with zinc in two different methods such as hot-dip galvanization and in-line galvanization. A hot-dip schedule 40 galvanization steel pipe allows the zinc to bond with the pipe. The pressure ratings of a schedule 40 steel pipe are said to be regular and of a high strength grade. The outer diameter is fourteen centimetres, and the thickness is 0.437 inches. The schedule number in a steel pipe ideally determines the diameter of the inside and outside of the pipe.

Trusted schedule 40 steel pipe suppliers

The schedule 40 steel pipe is divided into three sections: the standard weight, double strong and extra strong. The classification is based on the size of the steel pipes. We are trusted schedule 40 steel pipe suppliers in all the above-mentioned classifications. For years, we have been supplying, installing and maintaining schedule 40 steel pipes, including customizing them for clients to meet their building requirements and fire safety needs. Based on the amount of metal used in it and the thickness of the steel pipe wall, the weight of the schedule 40 steel pipe differs. The thickness in diameter for schedule 40 steel pipes varies from 1/2" to 10" in diameter.

When working with steel pipes that are ideally used to suppress fires, attributes such as the wall thickness, inside diameter, all need to be considered when working schedule 40 steel pipes. However, at times, steel pipes are not designed directly in those exact dimensions; instead, it is often referred to by their schedule number and normal pipe size. Since it is common in the industry, it is imperative to have a level of understanding of how the pipe scheduling system works, including understanding the difference between schedule 40 and steel pipes. For more details, please speak to our team today.

What do you mean by normal pipe size?

Normal pipe size refers to the approximate measurement of the outside diameter of a pipe. The measurement is not entirely exact, but a reference number can be used to identify the exact dimensions of the outside diameter of a pipe. For example, a normal pipe size of 3 refers to a pipe with a diameter of 3.500 inches.

What is a pipe schedule?

A pipe schedule specifies the wall thickness and the inside diameter of a normal pipe size. Without knowing what the normal pipe size is, a schedule does not mean anything, apart from the fact, the higher the schedule number, it will have thicker pipe walls. However, if the normal pipe size and schedule number are known, the exact inside diameter, wall thickness and outside diameter dimensions of the pipe can be easily determined. The best way is to use a pipe schedule chart to determine the schedule number and normal pipe size.

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